“Shadows Die Twice.” teaser

During The Game Awards that took place in 7 of December FromSoftware teased a new project which has led people in theorizing that it might be a new Tenchu game.Causes of those theories include:

1)The handwriting on the background is written in Japanese and it looks like its from the same period that the series takes places in feudal Japan.

2)The music during the video is Japanese.

3)The metallic item partly hidden in the center of the object is most likely a kunai,a traditional ninja throwing weapon.

4)The last message ” Shadows Die Twice. ” is highly suspected to be a reference either directly to Rikimaru or in general the fact that the concept of Shadows and its relation with Ninja & Death has been used multiple times during the Tenchu series.

5)The year 2018 will be 10 years after the last new entry in the franchise (Tenchu: Shadow Assassins,2008) and at the same time will be the 20 years anniversary of the series since Tenchu:Stealth Assassins,the first game was released in 1998.

Unfortunatly,according to FromSoftware’s twitter account we will hear more about the game in the next 12 months.It is indeed very likely to be a new Tenchu game but even if its not it seems that with this teaser full of Tenchu references FromSoftware wants to check in a way if people are still interested in the franchise.Nevertheless fingers crossed!

Activision Loses the Tenchu Trademark

According the gaming website dualshockers It looks like Activision no longer has a hold over the franchise as they recently lost the trademark surrounding it.

The author of the article also comments on the fact that Aquire the original developers of the series will be returning to consoles with another game and he suspects that it might be a new Tenchu.It probably doesn’t mean anything though so don’t get your hopes high.

If you want to discuss about this don’t forget to do it in this topic!(Credit goes to Terramax for finding the news)


Tenchu Stage Play & FromSoftware’s Interview

Latest News (Nothing we do not already know but it is news so it must be in the news page right?)

  • Tenchu Stage Play : A Stage play of the Tenchu games is taking place currently in Japan.Here is the Official Site of the stage play and here is an English page with some info about it.And last but not least here is the topic in the forums in case you want to discuss with other Tenchu fans about it!(Credit goes to Lyserg1260 for finding the news).
  • FS Interview : Miyazaki from FS made an interview in which he talks about their future plans.More specifically he is saying that they want to make more Japanese games.This could mean that they are considering creating a new Tenchu game but at the same time it could mean nothing.Here is the topic in the forums in case you want to share your thoughts about it!(Credit goes to member Kensei for the news)

Also don’t forget that Tokyo Game Show (TGS) will take place in some days ( 18th-21st Sep).Maybe a Tenchu announcement?Fingers crossed!

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