Shinobido 2 for PSP Vita announced

Acquire just announced Shinobido 2 is being developed for the PlayStation Vita. A release date is yet unknown.

More information will become available on in the near future. For now enjoy the first teaser movie.

It is nice to see stealth action ninja games are still being developed.


7 thoughts on “Shinobido 2 for PSP Vita announced

  1. Yeap.. nice to see these kind of games still being developed…
    I didnt knew about the second part.. thanks x the info!!!!
    And Congratulations of opening again this great website… I guess it was a evry difficult task repairing this page… I missed this website..

    • Thanks for the kind words and welcome back :).

      Now, who has got a Playstation Vita or is planning on getting one at all?

  2. This seems like good news… Although I kind of doubt that they will release it in the US. I just hope Acquire focuses on Tenchu 5 soon if they plan to continue it.

  3. I was mad when i saw that the “Stealth Game” that Acquire is creating is Shinobido 2 and not a new tenchu for PSV.But i love Shinobido 2(Not like Tenchu) and i am looking Forward in PSV & Shinobido 2.I hope that we will see Tenchu games coming in PSV.Proably we will cause there are 4 Tenchu games in PSP. 🙂

  4. Yes you’re right, It’s really nice to see this kind of game still being developed.
    The first on PS2 was nice.
    The Shinobido on PSP was nice too.
    Get this kind of game on Vita is amazing. The Vita seem really Amazing.
    So I plan to buy it. And get Shinobido 2.

    But I hope we could see soon a Tenchu 5.
    After Tenchu 4 and the remake of Tenchu Wrath of heaven and fatal shadows on PSP.
    May be we could see a Tenchu 5 on Vita…
    But I would love a Tenchu on PS3. Playing Tenchu With the PS move could be epic.

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