The Gang of Thieves

Rikimaru undertakes his first mission as a ninja: Shiunsai orders him to clear out a den of thieves located in a nearby village.

Enemies: 10
Max Score: 515
Ninja Item: Poison Antidote

Run forward jumping over the warning bells to the left of the hut. In the next nearest hut there is a sleeping short sword thief (1). Run over and take him out with a crouched attack. Head out of the hut to the small watch tower to your right. Get up to ledge either by grappling or climbing the tree. In it you will find a bow thief (2). He shouldn’t prove difficult as he rotates in a fixed position. Killing this guard can sometimes alert another enemy on a nearby roof, so make sure you get him good!

Now look for the nearby enemy on the roof, and not the innocent who you can also see in the pink. Leave her alone. Jump out the tower and grab the roof by this scythe thief (3). Once you have put him out of his misery head back to where you slaughtered the first guy in the hut. From there follow the edge of the level round until you reach what looks like a sloped fallen tree type pathway by another tree. Position Rikimaru in a crouch at the foot of that sloped path. There is a scythe thief (4) in front of you who patrols a triangular path, who should not prove difficult.

Towards the left in front of you will see a hut. Climb on to the roof to find a yellow package containing the poison antidote. From the hut you should be able to see another scythe thief who just rotates in a fixed position. After killing him cross the bridge over the dry river and run to the large watch tower. Grapple up and finish the bow thief (6).

From the watch tower looking to the right you should be able to see a scythe ninja (7) patrolling an area. Stealth killing him should present no problems. Now head to the left of the large watch tower. Head to the area that is far left of the wooden arch, carefully avoiding the warning bells. From here you should be able to attack the scythe ninja (8) that patrols the arch, run at him when he faces you side on or after he has turned away.

How head to the right of the arch and find a little triangular ledge, this is the perfect launching point for the final bow thief (9) which rotates in a fixed position. Now return back to where near the innocent is. There is a final short sword enemy (10) in the vicinity. Once he is dead return to the temple entrance to face Garan, The Leader of the Thieves.

Boss: Garan
Health: 100

Garan isn’t too difficult. Block his attacks and then unleash your own. Pull far away if he uses his smoke screen trick since otherwise it leaves you open to attack. He occasionally throws out a grenade so be careful! If you are struggling try a few items yourself though you shouldn’t need them.