Treason at Gohda Castle

Rikimaru rushes to Gohda Castle when the Azuma Ninja receive word that the Gohda family, whom they have served for generations, is under attack.Enemies: 15
Max Score: 600
Ninja Item: Smoke Bomb

Begin by running through the firey corridors and up the first set of stairs. Stand to the left of the white Japanese door and smash it with your sword by attacking it. A sword soldier (1) patrols the doorway opposite. Once he has walked towards you and turned away make your move. Pass through the doorway and head right, past the stairs and to the wall by the doorway. Slowly creep around the corner and you will see a bow soldier (2). When he turns take him out.

Now head further down to the right. Keep going till you see the stairs, then step back an enemy patrols this area. If the sword soldier (3) is not there he will becoming through the door to the right soon, so be patient. When he turns back go for the kill. Don’t go up the stairs yet but take the narrow door to your right. It connects a series of small rooms. Break through the doorway to find another area with a spear soldier (4) who rotates in a fixed position. Return to the stairs and go up to the second floor. This floor is made of two interconnected loops. First choose the doorway to your right just beyond which is a bow soldier (5). Nip out and cut him down.

Continue along the corridor which bears left, minding the trapdoors. Your ki-meter should pick up another bow soldier (6) patrolling the corridor. Hide close to the wall before going for the kill. Turn to the left and navigate the second loop. Beyond the stairs going down is a sword soldier (7). Hide behind them before pounching out. The route to the left takes you back to the stairs but there is another enemy down there so head that way to take out the sword soldier (8). Return to your previous killing and continue onwards and to the right where a spear soldier (9) patrols. Watch his pattern from around the corner and pick your moment.

Continue on until the collapsed corner where there is another narrow doorway. A sword soldier (10) guards the inner door. He just rotates so should be no problem. Head down the corridor and break through another door. Head up the stairs to the third floor. Out the door turn left and pin yourself up against the wall. Around the corner are some step and a raised platform, beneath which is another useful item: The Smoke Bomb. However, before making a run for it you should take out the bow soldier (11) who is on the platform. Grapple and hang when he moves away, then the second time get up and dispose of him.

Double back the other way along the corridor – don’t be alarmed if some enemies are alerted by noises. When you get to the corner pull yourself up and slowly creep forward along the lower path in a crouched position. A bow soldier (12) should appear. If he goes into “!” mode roll backwards, otherwise just wait until he turns away; then attack.

Go around the next corner carefully and get yourself against the wall near the door. This room has two enemies but you should still go unnoticed if you are careful. The first is a sword soldier (13) who patrols the bottom; get him when his back is to you. And the second sword soldier (14) is on the platform to the left. Grapple up and let his throat taste your cold steel.

Slowly creep up the stairs to your right. Three quarters of the way up have a good look around. There is a spear soldier (15) to the right. Make him pay. Head up the stairs to the right for the confrontation with Motohide.

Boss: Motohide
Health: 120

If you keep close to Motohide he shouldn’t prove too much of a problem. At a distance he might pull his gun on you. Parry his attacks with his sword and get in with a few of your own. Don’t worry you don’t have to kill him, doing over half damage is enough to make the coward turn and flee.