Lord Toda’s War Camp

The treacherous Motohide is defeated. However, Gohda’s longtime foe, Toda Yoshisada, has crossed over into Gohda territory.

Enemies: 13
Max Score: 560
Ninja Item: Grenade

From where you start you should just be able to make out a sword soldier (1) directly ahead. When he turns take him out. Head east by the side of the encampment to find a spear soldier (2).

Grapple to the watch tower to your left and have a good look around. To the left is a sword soldier (3) and the right a bow soldier (4). Kill the one on the right first and then the other.

From here travel south west and you will spot a red bow ninja (5) on the hill. Always check the red ninja for items as most often carry something. Head north to the next hill to find a red scythe ninja (6). Be careful not to trigger any warning bells when going for the kill.

Head east towards the next encampment guarded at the south by a sword soldier (7). Once you have dispatched with him you will notice that each side of the encampment to the left and right are red scythe ninja (8 and 9). Take care of these two enemies. The one to the left is very close to the yellow box on top of the hill. Be sure to pick up another useful item: The Grenade.

Now proceed to the north of the encampment. There are two watchtowers. On the right one is an enemy bow soldier (10). From here head north east up the hill to the right of the main encampment. You will discover a red scythe ninja (11).

With that enemy taken care of return to the watch tower. Gradually head north to a sword enemy (12). Then head slightly south-east to pick off the final sword soldier (13). Now head to the main encampment for your first meeting with Suzaku, The Red Sparrow.

Boss: Suzaku
Health: 200

Suzaku’s main attack is a two-hit sword and kick combo. Though he spends a lot of the time running around. Occassionally he throws in a cartwheel attack or shuriken for good measure. Defend his blows then hit him hard. Don’t worry you don’t have to kill him, doing over half damage is enough to warn him of your intent.