Demon Mountain

Rikimaru heads for the fortress on Mount Usuba to unravel the mystery of the demons and free their hostages.

Enemies: 19 (+ 2 wolves, 1 bear)
Max Score: 745
Ninja Item: Poison Rice

Turn around and cross the shallow river near the wooden dam. In the next enclosure is a demon sword ninja (1). To your right is a demon bow ninja (2) who rotates on the spot. Return to your first victim and grapple up to the cliff. In the hut above you is a sleeping scythe demon ninja(3). Return to your second killing and move along the wall cautiously by the waterfall. You will discover a demon sword ninja (4) patrolling that area.

Return to the point where you began the mission and grapple up the first part of the cliff on your right. On the second ledge is a demon scythe ninja (5). Be careful on your approach as this enemy might spot you! Work your way further to the cliff top guarded by a demon bow ninja (6) positioned near to the bridge. Move on to the very beginning of the bridge. To the right patrols a sword demon ninja (7). He is best taken out by jumping to a series of ledges beneath the bridge and jumping out at an appropriate time. Once he’s done away with grapple up on to the ledge to the right. Here is your next enemy – a scythe demon ninja (8).

Grapple up the on to the pillars in the distance – time for some extreme jumping! Head north and get upon the highest column. A bear and enemy patrols beneath but we will come back for these later. Upon the highest pillar you should be able to jump to a ledge to your left. Though be careful because a sword demon ninja (9) patrols this area near the hut. Be careful when killing this enemy as you or its body may get the attention of a scythe demon ninja on the platform above. You can either drag the body of the ledge or just drop back down the side of the ledge yourself and get back up once the enemy has returned to ? mode. From here you can go fight Kamadoma, but if you want all the enemies leave that scythe ninja alone for the time being. Move past the hut and forward towards a staircase style of ledges. Jump across and kill the bow demon ninja (10).

The bridge beneath you is patrolled by a demon bow ninja (11). From the bridge super jump left towards a golden tree. Past this tree the path bends left. This area is guarded by a demon sword ninja (12). Continue down the curving path and wipe out the wolf (W1). Continue onwards until you discover a ledged area guarded by a demon bow ninja (13). Beneath you in the gully be sure to pick up another scattered item: poison rice.

Pass through a tunnel to find a scythe demon ninja (14) on a ledge above you. Drop of the ledge and head towards the river. Your ki should soon pick up on a scythe demon ninja (15) patrolling the area. On the ledge to the left off the hut is another enemy, a sword demon ninja (16). Head north back to the bridge near enemy 11 beneath which lies a sword demon ninja (17). Head back to the river – its bear stalking time!

To the east of the river are those columns you were jumping earlier. Stealthfully move between these two columns to kill both the bear (B1) and a sword demon ninja (18). Take your time with these two kills as one kill can often alert the other. Use the pillars to your advantage to hide if someone thinks they’ve spotted something. Head back west to the source of the river and grapple up to the left. Head to the left grappling to the platform in the distance. This takes you back to near the area with the un-numbered enemy we left alone. Take out this scythe ninja (19) and the wolf under the hut (W2) and enter the building for a confrontation with the demon ninja, Kamadoma.

Boss: Kamadoma
Health: 200

The only time Kamadoma causes problems is if he pins you up against a wall. Keep on your toes blocking all his attacks and then hit him with your combo. Watch out for an occasional grenade. Use items as required.