The Secret Harbor

Rikimaru races to rescue kidnapped villagers being held at a secret harbor.

Enemies: 16 (+ 1 shark)
Max Score: 645
Ninja Item: Air Bottle

Creep along the wall to your left. Around the corner patrols your first victim – a spear pirate (1). Follow the path around until your ki picks up your next enmy – a tiger fork pirate (2). To your right above you in the distance is a rifle pirate (3). Creep slowly up and take him out.

In front of you to your right is a sword pirate (4). Slowly move around the corner to observe a spear pirate (5) patrolling the trench. Head towards the beach on the right edge of the level until you reach an area with a few trees. Be careful on the beach, mines have been placed. Take down the finale claw ninja (6) which patrols near this area.

Now continue on down the right side of the level. As you near the stone arch you will find another sword pirate (7). Pass under the arch and climb up it to the right. Here you will find a rifle pirate (8) guarding a scattered item; the air bottle. Climb down the arch to the beach and head forward. To your left patrols a female short-sword ninja.

Head away from the water in a north-east direction to where a spear pirate (10) guards a hut. Continue north to find a rifle pirate (11) on the cliffs above. In the clearing to your left patrols a tiger fork pirate (12)

Return to the hut and head south-east along the left side of the level. Just past the crate and small upturned boat you will discover a female claw ninja (13). Head right along the waters edge. In a torch lit area patrols a spear pirate (14). Head towards the ramp leading up to the boat. Guarding this route ia s rifle pirate (15). Slowly creep up the platform for a spear pirate (16) on the boat.

Check the crates for a potion. You can achieve Grand Master without killing the shark (S) but if you wish to use the following tactics… Return to the boat and head below the deck for your confrontation with Wang Xaiohai.

Boss: Wang Xaiohai
Health: 100

A real nasty boss. His multi-combo moves are both powerful and difficult to block. I would recommend taking smoke bombs, grenades and potions to assist in his defeat.