The Temple of Dreams

The Burning Dawn has taken over a temple in Gohda’s territory, and Rikimaru is ordered to recapture the temple.

Enemies: 29
Max Score: 885
Ninja Item: Blow Gun

Instead of going on to the bridge in front of you turn right and head towards the corner guarded by a scythe ninja (1). Continue down the slope to spot a bow ninja (2) on the rocks. Splashing will change his status so make sure he has returned to ? mode before going for the kill. In the far corner by the hut you will find a female short-sword ninja (3). Carry on along the sand until you reach the waters edge. Grapple to the building, a scythe ninja (4) waits inside.

Continue forward down the corridor to the bend. A sword ninja (5) will approach your position. Hold against the wall until the last miute before going for the kill. Take the narrow platform to your right which leads to an open area guarded by a scythe ninja (6) and a bow ninja (7). You should be able to kill both of these without any enemy interaction. Backtrack and re-enter the building. Turn right and head towards a bridge. At the near end there is a female sword ninja (8) and at the far end a sword ninja (9). To ensure no enemy interaction wait till the far enemy returns on to the bridge before going for the kill.

This is because just tucked around the corner to the right is another sword ninja (10). Kill him and turn back to the left. Work you way in the direction back to the starting point taking out a bow ninja (11) on the bridge and a scythe ninja (12) in the temple entrance building. Pass back over the main bridge to the towards the central building. A female claw ninja (13) patrols the bottom left corner. Pass down this left side to the next area of the temple.

There are three enemies in this area; a sleeping sword ninja (14) directly in front, a bow ninja (15) who patrols the inner and a female short sword ninja (16) who patrols the inner. All these enemies interact so you will have to be careful. The best tactic is to kill one enemy then quickly withdraw, just incase enemies are alerted, and return once things have calmed down. Once these three are swimming with the fishes proceed down the corridor. Look left for another enemy ninja (17). At the end here drop into the water.

Swim south-west to another building and grapple up. It is guarded by two enemies; a female claw ninja (18) who patrols around and a bow ninja (19) who guards one corner. On the buildings east face you will find an underwater passageway which leads to a room housing a brilliant scattered item; the blowgun. Swim south to a female claw ninja (20) on a small boat. Use the water-phantom technique to get close enough to climb on board to kill her. Now swim back north to a shallow rocky area, here lies in wait another female claw ninja (21). Be sure if attacking from above not to jump into the water!

Continue north to another enemy on a boat, this time a bow ninja (22). ext swim to the top left corner to find a scythe ninja (23) asleep on a boat. Swim around the north side of the compound to another shallow rocky area guarded by a scythe ninja (24). Jump from rock to rock southwards to find a bow ninja (25) routed to the spot. On a beach to his left is a sword ninja (26). Head to the south towards a large rock formation marked clearly on the map. On top of which you will find a bow ninja (27). That leaves two more enemies to kill. A bow ninja (28) is on an outcrop of rocks to the east of the first small entrance building. The final enemy, another bow ninja (29), is on the roof of the central building. Once all these enemies are defeated head to the building to the north, climb the platform and be greeted by Suzaku and Yukihotaru.

Boss: Yukihotaru
Health: 100

This is one of the easier fights in the game. Yukihotaru has a tendency to make attacks that take her past you. Use the down attack to spin around and hit her. Other than that usual tactics of blocking her moves then attacking with your combo. She can fire a super shuriken attack similar to that from Tenchu 1 but she seldom causes too many problems.