Ninja Village Under Attack

While Rikimaru and Ayame are occupied elsewhere, the Burning Dawn launches a merciless raid against the ninja village.

Enemies: 15
Max Score: 600
Ninja Item: Mine

Immediately crouch or the bow ninja (1) on the roof opposite may be alerted to your presence. Jump over and take him down. Beneath the house is a male claw ninja (2). Move right into the tree area. In the right of this area there is a bow ninja (3). Move now slowly towards the depression. Patrolling this area is a short-sword female crow ninja (4).

To your right is the area from the training mission used for shuriken practice. Guarding this area is a bow ninja (5). Quickly move across the roofs of the two nearby huts. Ensure you kill the scythe ninja (6) before the villager has a go for you. Return to the roof and grapple or jump across to the fence. Next grapplt to the small pillar slightly to your right. Patrolling near the L-shaped wall is a female claw ninja (7). Ensure you pick up the scatter item at the foot of the tall pillar; the Mine.

Approach the stairs in the east of this small movement training area to kill a claw ninja (8). Pass down the stairs and jump on to the roof of the hut to your right. In front of you is a female claw ninja (9). Grapple up to the watch tower for a bow ninja (10). Now move south-west towards the water to discover a sword ninja (11).

Return to the watch tower and cross the bridge towards the bamboo forest area. Move do the path to your right, a bow ninja (12) appears walking towards you. Roll backwards and when he turns away go for the kill. Creep into the forest and eliminate the claw ninja (13). Move to the top end of the forest and find a female ninja (14) on the other side of the stream.

Grapple on to the house and jump back up to Shiunsai’s house. Head to the right and around the back to find the final ninja (15). Having eliminated all 15 enemies you now see a cut scene. Shiunsai is dead by the hands of Tatsumaru. Prepare to take on the traitor.

Boss: Tatsumaru
Health: 100

Just block his 5 hit or less combo attacks and then hit him with your 3. Watch out for the occasional grenade. You only need to do half damage or over. So don’t worry to much about your health.