In Pursuit of Tatsumaru

With the help of the ninja dog Semimaru, Rikimaru and Ayame track Tatsumaru into a bamboo forest.
Enemies: 16
Max Score: 635
Ninja Item: None

Killing the first sword ninja (1) who stands to the left of the the huge rock in front of you is very difficult without being discovered or at least getting the attention of a bow ninja (2) nearby. Many of the latter missions have interacting guards making achieving a Grand Master ranking that little bit harder. Kill the first enemy and quickly roll backwards towards your starting position. The bow ninja will undoubtedly go into the !? mode any may run over to the victim. Do not be alarmed! Wait until he returns to the ? mode before going for the kill.

To the right of your first killing is a female claw ninja (3). Head south for another female claw ninja (4) on the left. Return to the cave by your third victim and grapple up. Patrolling above is a bow ninja (5). Drop down the other side and move to the right side of the level. In the clearing is a male claw ninja (6). Move further into the clearing to find a female short-sword ninja (7) near the stream.

Follow the stream to the waterfall. Climb up and kill the male claw ninja (8). Now follow the path northwards along the left side of the level. Around the corner in the clearing approaches a scythe ninja (9). At the clearing take the path to your left with the warning bells. Prepare for another multi-enemy clear up!

Around the corner through the bamboo you should be able to spy a scythe ninja (10) and in front of you a female claw ninja (11). The choice of order is yours – they both need to die! But be very careful for another female ninja (12) is in close proximity. Be prepared for a rolling retreat.

Head east toward the shrine for your next victim; a female short-sword ninja (12). On the other side of the stream is a bow ninja (14). He can’t see you through the bamboo and hence should be no problem. Return to the north-west corner of the level and take the path leading to the boss’ lair. This path is guarded by a male claw ninja (15) and a sword ninja (16). Enter the arena for your fight with Byakko.

Boss: Byakko
Health: 90

One of the easier bosses due mostly to his low health. Defend his attacks and make use of your 3-hit combo. Connecting with the third hit is very advantageous. Use smoke bombs if required. Byakko only causes problems if he gets around the back of you.