The Kansen Caverns

Tatsumaru’s trail leads to a jagged hole in a cliff wall. Rikimaru and Ayame disappear into the darkness.

Enemies: 19
Max Score: 680
Ninja Item: Blinding Dust

Move forward. The path ahead is blocked, so jump into the water to you right. Continue onward too the waterfall and jump into the water below. Immediately use the water phantom technique until enemies return to ? mode. Grapple to the ledge clearly guarded by a bow ninja (1). He guards a narrow passage way which leads to a female crow ninja (2). Head back down and turn left from where you killed the bowman. Grapple up for a scythe ninja (3). Make your way back up towards the top of the waterfall.

A sword ninja (4) patrols the column in the distance. Take him out. Move toward the second column to find a female crow ninja (5). Continue down the slope. In the far left corner is a male ninja (6) and another (7) on the platform above. From the platform take the narrow passage to your left. Do your best to avoid the warning bells and the arrow trap. The narrow passage way opens into a larger chamber guarded by a female claw ninja (8).

Continue straight on. Now for a tricky manoeurve! Further along the passage way are two enemies, a male claw ninja (9) who patrols and a male ninja (10) who rotates in a fixed position. Takeout the first when the second has his back turned, then go for the second. Continue onwards towards a minefield. Carefully negotiate it, remembering they can be removed with a well-aimed shuriken, though this does cause enemies to enter !? mode. As you approach the uphill section look for a scythe ninja (11) on the left.

Take the only route available which leads down to an area guarded by a female crow ninja (12). Pass the warning bell and look around the corner. Nearby is a sleeping claw ninja (13) and in the distance a sword ninja (14). First go for the far enemy and then come back for the tired ninja. Continue forwards to a narrow uphill path at the top of which is a female crow ninja (15) and a scatter item; Blinding Dust. Be prepared for a quick retreat in case your killing alerts the sword ninja (16) in the next part of the cave.

Pass through into a very large chamber storage area. Between the fencing appears a female crow ninja (17). Within the storage area is a male claw ninja (16) to the right and a bow ninja (19) on some crates to the left. Head out the storage area and head east. Well done you have discovered the Burning Dawn’s ship – The Fire Demon.