The Sea Battle

The Burning Dawn unleash the enormous warship, Fire Demon, and set the scene for a final confrontation with Gohda’s forces.

Enemies: 44 (+2 sharks)
Max Score: 1230
Ninja Item: None

The Sea Battle can be considered as 2 missions. The first is an approach to the main ship guarded by Suzaku. The second is on the decks of the Fire Demon with the objective to kill Kagami. Fourty-four enemies is alot to describe in turn and seeing how you only need to kill 15 without being seen once to achieve a Grand Master it is obvious that to go through this in such depths as previous levels would be a waste. For die-hard fans I would recommend using the maps if you wish to slice and dice all enemies.

Instead I thought I would start by glossing over parts of the mission and concentrating on an easy route to achieve a Grand Master ranking. For the first part of the mission navigate your way through the series of small and larger boats by using a combination of above and below water stealth. Make sure you avoid the 2 sharks (S1, S2). The small yellow boats are allied forces with red being soldiers loyal to the Burning Dawn. You can out as many enemies as you like but bear in mind there is enough within the second part to still achieve a Grand Master. I would recommend missing out all enemies with the exception of two.

Swim to the far end and kill the female ninja (1) on the boat opposite where Suzaku awaits. Grapple up on to his boat and kill the patrolling bow ninja (2). Head right to meet your fate. Suzaku is your first foe.

First Boss: Suzaku
Health: 200

Suzaku isn’t too hard. Block his 4 hit-combo and dive in with your own. If you know him down try using a crouched attack when he gets up. Other tactics are to lure him near the torch in order to burn him. You can grapple on to the mast above if you want time to heal yourself.

After this fight you find yourself on the Fire Demon. We now only need to kill 13 enemies using the upmost stealth to achieve a Grand Master. Move forward. On the other side of the pillar patrols a sword ninja (3). Beyond the left path a sword ninja (4) stands guard. Do a quick stealth kill and quickly retreat backwards. Return and kill the alerted female claw ninja (5) when your ki meter has returned to ? mode.

Grapple up ahead and kill the bow ninja (5). Again be prepared to retreat. Kill another bow ninja (6) who’s attention you may of raised. Take the path right. Beyond the fencing on the right a sword ninja (8) patrols. Continue along the path. On the other side of the building opposite the stairs patrols a short-sword crow ninja (9). Continue forward to the right side of the ship. Patrolling a mast directly ahead is a male claw ninja (10).

To your right, on a path beneath, you will find a short-sword ninja (11). Climb on to the steps to the left of the path. Around the corner are two enemies a scythe ninja (12) and a sword ninja (13). Take care of them both. Grapple on to the roof on your left and make your way to the centre of the ship. Drop down into the main area below to kill a male claw ninja (14). On the platform behind you patrols a sword ninja (15).

You should now have enough killings to achieve a Grand Master. If you think you have been seen use the maps to further you death count. Otherwise head to the south-east of the ship to meet Ayame. This will trigger a series of animations and your confrontation with Kagami.

Second Boss: Kagami
Health: 300

For the first half of the fight Kagami fights with a dagger-like weapon. After about half damage she will start to use her sword. Her main attack in this section is a three-hit combo. Use the standard tactic of blocking then countering her attacks. Items can be used to aid you if needed.

Congratulations you have finished the game with Rikimaru!