The Training Course

Hone your skills in the village before your final test from Master Shiunsai. If you pass you will be a true Azuma Ninja.

Whether you are playing as Rikimaru or as Ayame this level is the same. It consists of two parts; a four-stage training exercise and a test from your master. The four training exercises are as follows:

  1. Mastering the art of moving like a ninja
  2. Weapons training
  3. Water training
  4. Shuriken/Throwing Knife training
Once you have completed the training, or if none is required head to Shiunsai’s house by the waterfall. There you will be assigned your final test.

Enemies: 9
Max Score: 480

Move cautiously to the first step. From here you should be able to see the first scythe ninja (1) who rotates in a fixed position. At an appropriate moment, i.e. when his back is turned, jump over the step and go for the kill. After despatching with him jump over the next step and grapple up the wall.Head around the next corner to where a sword ninja (2) is placed in a depression. This enemy’s route is quite random so wait until he is moving away from you.

The next enemy is not so far away so cautiously grapple up the next wall but don’t run down the corridor. Using stealth peer around the corner and make a run for the wall facing you. Use R1 to press up against it. From here it is unlikely the scythe enemy (3) will be able to see you. Take him out when his back is turned.

The platforms ahead of you cover pitfall and slowly sink if trodden on, so either quickly run over then or jump them to avoid falling to your death. The stairs are booby-trapped also but if you run staright up the middle you should avoid the arrows. At the top of the stairs immediately return to a stealthful crouch. There is an sword ninja (4) beneath you. If you got hit by an arrow make sure the enemy is back in “?” mode before diving in.

Head to the right. Beware the smoke trap in the alcove. Although this doesn’t harm you it will put enemies in to an alerted mode. this can be avoided by a quick jump straight over it. After this jump immediately press against the wall to your right. There is a mine in the corner directly in front of you – be sure to avoid it! If you peer around the corner you might see another sword ninja (5). Use your ki meter to help work out when the enemy is moving away from you. Easy pickings!

Head to where the arrow points up – we will need to come back here later, but first there is another enemy. Head around the corner to what appears to be a dead end. There is a route to the left if you look up. Avoid the spear trap by not getting to close to the left side and grapple up. Around the corner is another sword ninja (6) who just rotates in a fixed position. No problem!

Falling down the hole takes you back to the stairs but instead turn around and head back to the arrow, avoiding the spear trap on the way! Back at the arrow grapple to the platform above you. Move forward and take a leap of faith down the hole. Falling into the water will have alerted enemies but they will soon return to the “?” mode. Follow the underwater passage and surface on the other side straight into the water phantom technique, R1. A scythe ninja (7) is in front of you. When his backed is turned climb out of the water and go for the kill. You don’t need to unsheathe your sword first a Stealth Kill will still occur.

Move to the left wall and peer around the corner – a scythe ninja (8) awaits you. Be patient, then jump up for the kill when his back is turned.

Head to the ledge on your right. Crouch and look forward – the final scythe ninja (9)! Once again choose your moment well before heading through the door in front of you. At last you are a true Azuma Ninja.