The Fire Demon

Having stowed away on the vast warship Ayame fights her way towards a final confrontation with Tatsumaru.

Enemies: 24
Max Score: 790
Ninja Item: None

With twenty-four enemies achieving a Grand Master should not be too difficult. Ensure you check every body for items as these will come in handy for the 2 bosses. The first deck is empty so head down the stairs ahead of you.

On the second deck, beyond the first pillar on your right is a bow ninja (1). Take him out. Slowly move to the far end of the area to find a patrolling scythe ninja (2). Drop down to the deck below.

In the fenced area forward to your right a sword ninja (3) stands guard. Head forward down the slope. A sword ninja (4) will approach. Go for the kill when he turns away. Just beyond is a male claw ninja (5).

Continue forward taking the left passageway to discover a patrolling bow ninja (6). Past the corner to the right is another enemy a scythe ninja (7). Return to the open area where you killed you fifth enemy And take the narrow passage leading east. Jump along it to avoid alerted enemies. Break through the door at the end. Down the passage way to your left is a male claw ninja (8). Be careful with you approach as the left side is booby-trapped with spears. Around the next corner to your right is a patrolling bow ninja (9).

In the next room along a scythe ninja (10) patrols. Head back to the main set of stairs near the breakable wall. Patrolling at the foot of these is another scythe ninja (11). Pass up the stairs, to find yet another scythe ninja (12) patrolling the floor above. Beyond in the next room with two stairs on either side are two enemies, a claw ninja (13) and a bow ninja (14). Using a blow gun on the first can prove useful. Head up the stairs to where a scythe ninja (15) patrols.

The passageway to your left is guarded by a claw ninja (16). Beyond this foe is a crated store room initially guarded by a scythe ninja (17). A crow sword ninja (18) patrols the ledge to your left. Head in to the crated area, be careful as there are some arrow traps here! Firstly kill the bowman (19) on the crates. Again the blowgun is useful here. In the left side of the cargo area is a claw ninja (20), be sure to avoid the watchful gaze of the innocent.

Drop down the hole, further into the cargo hold, to find the final few enemies. A scythe ninja (21) patrols nearby. Continue straight on to discover a claw ninja (22). Head back to your previous victim and turn right into a large room. Here two enemies patrol, a sword ninja (23) to the left and on the right a bow ninja (24). Head back up to the cargo area and down to the platform where you killed a crow ninja. The stairs will trigger the first of your two boss fights.

Boss: Genbu
Health: 300

The only real concern with Genbu is that he has a large health, block his blows and hit him with your own. Use any item you have picked up off enemies. Smoke bombs and grenades are effective and the armor is recommended.

Boss: Tatsumaru
Health: 100

He may be quick, but a few smoke bombs open him up to attack. Soon he will be defeated. Congratulations you have finished the game with Ayame!