The Kansen Caverns

Tatsumaru’s trail leads to a jagged hole in a cliff wall. Rikimaru and Ayame disappear into the darkness.

Enemies: 15
Max Score: 600
Ninja Item: Blinding Dust

You should be familiar with the map layout by now, this is the same level as for Rikimaru. Naturally the scattered item and enemies are in different locations. No items required here, though maybe a few Blow Guns are handy for achieving Grandmaster.

Move forward. The path ahead is blocked. Jump into the water on your right. Avoid the bow ninja on the platform by using the water phantom technique and drop off the waterfall ahead. Grapple up to the ledge in front of you. In the small room beyond patrols an innocent by the scattered item; Blinding Dust. Carefully pick it up without being seen and exit from where you entered. Make your way back across to the platform above via the left route. Here you will find a female claw ninja (1).

Once back to the main platform take out the bow ninja (2). Move toward the second pillar and head left to find a sleeping ninja (3) in the stables. Check the crate next to him for a healing potion. Now for a difficult bit. Two enemies are behind the pillar. A female claw ninja (4) patrols closest with a bow ninja (5) patrolling further away. Kill the first when the back of the second is turned, or use a Blow Gun if you wish. Either way be prepared for a rolling retreat.

Grapple up to the ledge above where a male claw ninja (6) patrols. Head down the narrow path to your left avoiding the traps. Pass around the corner. At the next right turn you will find a male claw ninja (7) patrolling. Continue back along the main route to find another male claw ninja (8) standing guard. Pass through the mine section, just beyond which patrols a scythe ninja (9). Beware he may be alerted by the body of your eighth victim. The path u-turns, follow it down.

Beyond the corner with the bells a crow bow ninja (10) patrols. Up the rock slope is a female short-sword ninja (11). Again be careful, it is likely she will be alerted by the body of your fifth victim. Some may argue you could move the bodies, but I find leaving may alert enemies but this serves two advantages. It both brings them in to a relative safe area away from other enemies and also often makes them stand guard making a kill a lot easier.

Beyond in the next cave a sword ninja (12) patrols. Move left into the storage area to find a scythe ninja (13). Just left around the corner is a sword ninja (14). Asleep within the storage area is a male claw ninja (15). Well done, all enemies are dead. Head out the storage area and head east, you have discovered the Burning Dawn’s ship – The Fire Demon.