In Pursuit of Tatsumaru

With the help of the ninja dog Semimaru, Rikimaru and Ayame track Tatsumaru into a bamboo forest.

Enemies: 17
Max Score: 645
Ninja Item: Mine

If you haven’t already got 15 Grandmaster’s then you won’t have access to the ninja armour which is almost essential for this level. If not I recommend taking with you a plethora of items for the boss alone; check the boss section at the end for which items I recommend.

Move forward to the big rock. Guarding the other side is a sword ninja (1). Move west. A scythe ninja (2) patrols a slope to the far left of the level. Away from this path northwards patrols another scythe ninja (3). Return to the big rock and move to the right side of the level. On a ledge to the right of the cave is a bow ninja (4) standing guard. In the cave itself is a bow ninja (5).

Return to your second victim and take this left path north. A bow ninja (6) guards the top of the waterfall. Beneath the waterfall a sword crow ninja (7) patrols the bridge. Cross the bridge, so the river is on your left, moving easterly to find an area patrolled by a scythe ninja (8). Continue east in to an area with bell wires. Avoid these and find a sleeping ninja (9) by the scatter item; the Mine. Slightly further down the path you will find another sleeping enemy (10). It seems the Burning Dawn can’t get the staff these days!

Cross the river. By the shrine patrols a sword ninja (11). On the other side of the bamboo to your left a bow ninja (12) stands guard. From here take a few steps to your right up the stream and grab hold of the ledge to your right. Take out the sword ninja (13) patrolling above. A quick kill is beneficial in case the scythe ninja (14) is the distance is alarmed. Either way, alerted or not, he is your next target.

Head north-east to find a scythe ninja (15) in the corner by the deities. Make your way to the entrance path to the boss arena. Guarding the way are two enemies, first of all a claw ninja (16) and then a sword ninja (170, neither of which should be a problem. Prepare yourself this is going to be messy!

Boss: Chirro
Health: 200

One of the hardest bosses. Blocks many attacks and has attacks which sometimes breach your defenses. I recommend using grenades and smoke bombs. By now you should have quite a stockpile! Don’t be afraid to use healing potions. Also if you use the mine you have picked up that will do some damage when walked over.