Cherry Tree Hill

Ayame fights off countless enemies as she pursues the fleeing Tatsumaru.

Enemies: 14 (+ 1 wolf)
Max Score: 600
Ninja Item: None

Move slowly forward. A male claw ninja (1) is guarding a hill to your left. Continue along this edge to find a short-sword female ninja (2) patrolling a gully. Head backwards down the hill and up the other side to find a claw ninja (3). Continue along this path. Past the waterfall is a female ninja (4) Jump across and kill her. Make your way up the left side of the waterfall. A male claw ninja (5) awaits at the summit.

Cross the stream and head up a hill to another male claw ninja (6) patrolling a grove of trees. Use your ki to find the female claw ninja (7) south of this position. Careful as this may get the attention of the nearby wolf (W1). One possibility is to use the blow gun to first kill the wolf. Across on the other side of the stream patrolling amongst the trees is a female ninja (8).

Continue to head north along this left side of the level. Jump over the stream. In the distance patrols your next victim, a female short-sword ninja (9). Push on forward. Your ki should pick up another female ninja (10) patrolling lower down the slope. Further north patrol a series of three closely placed ninja, though it is possible to kill all three without the use of items. A blow gun to take out the first ninja (11) could be useful as close to her right higher up a female ninja (12) stands guard and to her left a male claw ninja (13) guards another ledge.

Once those three are swimming in their own blood move forward up the slope for the last enemy; a male claw ninja (14). Head right up to the large cherry tree.