The Quarantine Village

Ayame races to stop a massacre as the Burning Dawn sets it sights on a village set aside for disease victims.

Enemies: 14
Max Score: 595
Ninja Item: Smoke Bomb

Move to your left towards a building, past its far left corner patrols a sword ninja (1). Continue on to the far end of the path and turn right. Past the next building, near the well, patrols a female claw ninja (2). Turn right down the path near the well. At the first left turn parols a scythe ninja (3). Grapple up to the roof on your right for a female ninja (4).

Head east along the rooftops to find a scythe ninja (5) patrolling amongst a u-shaped building. A scattered item, the smoke bomb, can also be found here. On a roof immediately south patrols a bow ninja (6). Move down the path to your right beside the lake. At the fencing patrols a female short-sword ninja (7). Continue along the path until you reach some buildings. Just beyond the first a scythe ninja (8) patrols.

Directly east of this position a female ninja (9) stands guard. Be prepared for a rolling reverse since a bow ninja (10) may be alerted. Kill him too. If he is not alerted he will be found on a roof top to your right. Move north. On a building to your right a bow ninja (11) stands guard. Head further north avoiding the innocent to find scythe ninja (12) patrolling the side of a building. Head east to find a sword ninja (13) patrolling between two buildings.

Head south towards victim number eight. Patrolling the far left of the level is a female ninja (14) with a further innocent in the distance who may become alerted once she is killed. If not creep past him to the two lanterns in the distance.

Boss: Slug, Snake & Frog
Health: 50 each

Three enemy bosses may sound hard but its not too difficult. The three will do substantial damage to each other. Concentrate on one enemy at a time. I would recommend leave the Slug to the end as he has the biggest reach with his weapon. If they throw a grenade it will no doubt hurt them more than you. Throw a smoke bomb when they are close together for multiple hits.