The Island Fort

Ayame works her way into the island’s interior, trying to free the captives being held as slave laborers.

Enemies: 26
Max Score: 825
Ninja Item: Poison Rice

Just beyond the torches in front of you patrols a sword pirate (1). Move left on to the boat for your second victim, an enemy spear-man (2). Come off the boat and make your way along the path to the front of the boat. From here observe a sword pirate (3) patrolling the other side. Move back to the front of the ship and grapple up the wall to where the rifleman (4) is patrolling above. Move further up the planked slope. Beyond the right bend is a tiger fork pirate (5) who will approach your position. One option is to drop down to a little ledge on your left to avoid being initially seen.

Pass through the archway. In front of you on your left patrols a rifleman (6). Slightly further down the slope is another rifleman (7). At the bottom of the valley you will find a male claw ninja (8). Make your way up the cliff face opposite to find another male claw ninja (9). In the distance is a watch tower guarded by a rifleman (10). From the watch tower head left to a spear-man (11) patrolling the cargo store. Move left along the ledge to find a male claw ninja (12).

Now move right along this path. At the house are two enemies in close proximity. Run to the ledge ahead. A tiger fork pirate (13) will approach from the path to your right. Once you have dispatched with him take out the sword pirate (15) directly ahead. Killing that enemy may alert another sword pirate who patrols in the distance. If this is the case make a hasty retreat before going for the kill when things have calmed down. Ahead of you is another rifleman (16) in a watch tower. Drop to the house below on your right and grapple up to take care of him. On the level below patrols a sword pirate (17).

Cross the valley. On the other side is a male claw ninja (18). Take a swim down the valley, over half way down is an underwater cave in which you will find a scattered item; Poison Rice. In the cavern next door grapple up out of the well to the surface. Head due north to find a male claw ninja (19) having a stroll on a roof. Continue along the path to the left of the level to find yet another male claw ninja (20). Jump on to the house below to discover a spear-man (21) taking an untimely nap. Move along the valley bottom. A tiger fork pirate (22) patrols on your left.

Continue along the valley to find a spear-man (23) on your right. At the end of the valley are two more enemies; a spear-man (24) on your right and a sword pirate (25) on your left. Proceed up the hill to your last enemy. The spear-man (26) patrols the entrance to where the captives are being held. Enter the area and set them free though you may find Wang Dahai is less than impressed.

Boss: Wang Dahai
Health: 100

Another enemy that shouldn’t prove a problem if you use the basic strategy of blocking then attacking. He can have some powerful quick hits but he is vulnerable and open a lot of the time. His health is small so the battle will be short. If you are still struggling try a few smoke bombs and throwing knives.