Kubon Island

Gohda learns the kidnapped villagers are being taken to a desolate southern island. He orders Ayame to investigate.

Enemies: 24
Max Score: 780
Ninja Item: Air Bottle

From the starting position move forward. A tiger fork pirate (1) patrols on a ledge ahead of you. Move around the island to the right. In an area with crates patrols a sword pirate (2). Continue onwards. The path ends so make your way over to the other side by jumping in the water and grappling up. Around this coastal point patrols a tiger fork pirate (3). Take a swim to the rocks to find a rifleman (4) guarding a scattered item; the Air Bottle.

Return to dry land to your left and continue. patrolling the cliff’s edge is a sword pirate (5) in close proximity to a rifleman (6). Your infiltration is going well, approach the spear-man (7) around the next corner. In the cave is another spear-man (8). Leave the cave and continue your anti-clockwise path around the island. Through a stone archway patrols a rifleman (9).

Head right down the path towards the sea for another rifleman (10). Through the arch you will discover a patrolling tiger fork pirate (11). Traverse your way back around to your starting point. Now we will tidy up the other side of the island!

Placed on a high rock near a torch is a rifleman (12). Continue onwards to find a spear-man (13) standing watch. From here head down to the water’s edge to kill a sword pirate (14). Head just left for another patrolling rifleman (15). From here head out into the water and on to some rocks for a patrolling rifleman (16). Return to the mainland and continue your clockwise path. In a cave-like area patrols a sword pirate (17).

Pass through the water and rejoin the path. Here patrols a rifleman (18) and within the cave a tiger fork pirate (19) guards. Outside on a ledge below guards another tiger fork pirate (20). Patrolling from around another corner a rifleman (21) will appear. Take him out as well! At the far end of the beach patrols a sword pirate (22). Continue forward. On some rocks to your left patrols an enemy spear-man (23). Patrolling nearby is the last enemy a rifleman (24). Phew! Head forward over the fence to the entrance of the inner island.