To Save a Princess

Princess Kiku has been kidnapped and is being held somewhere in Toda’s war camp. Ayame plunges into the heart of the enemy’s army to rescue the princess.

Enemies: 13
Max Score: 560
Ninja Item: Blow Gun

First thing to remember is that this is a stealth mission. Get seen once and it’s Game Over. You will have to go very cautiously!

Head forward keeping the main encampment close to your left. Patrolling the hill in front of you is a scythe ninja (1). Continue your path around the encampment to find another ninja (2) patrolling its rear. Complete the loop of the encampment, jumping over the warning bells. Climb the shed to your right. From here you have a good view of your next victim; yet another ninja (3).

Grapple up to the watch tower on your left for an enemy bowman (4). Move past the other watchtower east and take out the spear-man (5) among the trees. Up the hill to your left is a scattered item; the Blow Gun. It may prove useful for this level yet! Return to the encampment. On the other side of which you will find a sword soldier (6). Head left and your ki will lead you to a spear soldier (7).

Grapple up the nearby watch tower to kill the bowman (8). Drop off the watch tower and head right towards the timber. Hide here until the opportunity arises to take out the patrolling spear-man (9). Head backwards up the slop to find a red ninja (10) on the hill. Return to the watch tower guarded by your eighth victim. Climb on to the roof of the hut below you.

Near the right corner of the fenced area stands an enemy spear-man (11). Move south past the timber to find a red ninja (12) in the southern most tip of the level. Head north-west between to the two encampments to find the last sword soldier (13). Follow the whimper to the nearby hut to find Kiku.