Lady Kei in Danger

As the hand of treachery send Gohda Castle up in flames, Ayame heads off to alone to rescue Gohda’s wife and daughter.

Enemies: 13
Max Score: 560
Ninja Item: Grenade

Move forward along the paved path to the left. A sword soldier (1) patrols outside. Continue straight on towards a door inside in the south-east corner. Just inside awaits a spear soldier (2). Take the door to your left. Make your way down the corridor. At the left 90ยบ turn patrols a sword soldier (3). Get your back against the wall by the doorway and when he passes through the door seize the opportunity for the kill. Continue past the body and crate. The path U-turns into a room with another sword soldier (4).

Exit the building and re-enter at the point of your original entry. This time turn right down the corridor. One of Gohda’s elite samurai patrols this corridor – so don’t kill him! It also doesn’t matter if allied troops see you. Take the first right up the central corridor. A spear soldier (5) patrols the second and third room ahead. Now head back taking what was the doorway to your left to find a sword soldier (6) patrolling the continuing corridor.

Head outside. To your left is an area with an innocent and a scattered item; the Grenade. Be careful not to be seen when picking it up. Now head right in the outside area to find a sword soldier (7). Re-enter the building from where you came out from and return to where you first saw your ally. Just past which is an enemy bowman (8). Get in there fast before your ally has a go. Follow the corridor around. In the next rooms take both door directly opposite. This will lead to a room with an enemy bowman (9).

Leave the room taking the door to your right. An enemy spear-man (10) is then in the next room to your left. Continue onwards to a large room with a corridor all the way around the outside. Take out the bow ninja (11) patrolling the right side. On the left side you will fins a spear ninja (12) guarding a breakable door.

Break through the door and slowly creep up the stairs. On the floor above is a spear enemy (13). Pass through the firey corridor to your left. You will arrive to see Motohide kill Kei and kidnap Kiku. In arrives Genbu in ridiculous style – prepare to fight.

Boss: Genbu
Health: 300

You should find the fight with Genbu a little easier. Very much the case of block and attack. Use items if required. It can be lengthy so don’t let your guard down. Don’t worry about his health since after you do over half damage he will make a unorthodox retreat.