The Mountain Bandits

Ayame undertakes her first mission as a ninja: Shiunsai orders her to drive a gang of mountain bandits out of a nearby village.

Enemies: 14
Max Score: 585
Ninja Item: Poison Antidote

You should be quite familiar with the level layout of this one, it is identical to the Rikimaru level “Gang of Thieves”. Of course the enemy placements are different! Begin by moving forward towards to the tree. There is a spear bandit (1) asleep in the nearby hut. Be careful not to attract the attention of the nearby innocent. Leave the hut going up the bank to the back of it. Between two distant huts patrols a short-sword bandit (2).

Continue forward down the right side of the level. At the foot of the slanted pillar patrols a spear bandit (3). Make your way to the left towards a destroyed hut to find another spear bandit (4) patrolling by the distant tree. Head towards the well for your next victim. Timing is crucial as this spear bandit (5) has a very short patrol route. Make your way to the watch tower and grapple up for a bow bandit (6).

Beneath the tower is another innocent. Arc your way around the back of the innocent to return to the right side of the level. Cross the stream to the hut, checking the crate for a healing potion. Patrolling to your left is a short-sword bandit (7). Make your way to the large watch tower. Grapple up for a bow bandit (8). In the ruins to your north you will find a sleeping bow bandit (9).

Move to the left, in the direction of Garan’s Temple. You will find a bow bandit (10) in front of the red arch structure. A short-sword bandit (11) patrols the step. Head up to the right waiting for him to pass you, before going for the kill. Return to the watch tower. In a nearby hut you will find a scattered item; the Poison Antidote. Head now north-east.

Amongst the trees patrols a bow bandit (12). Killing this enemy often attracts the attention of a near by bow bandit (13). An immediate rolling retreat may be advisable, otherwise try killing the enemies in the opposite order. Continue upwards to the right avoiding the falling rocks to find the final spear bandit (14). Now head to the structure just above to meet Boron.

Boss: Boron
Health: 200

Boron is as hard as nails. He wields a mighty wooden axe. Block attacks and try to get in some of your own. Often he will hit you before you can unleash your full combo so unless confident don’t try to get them all in. Be prepared to retreat to use a health potion if needed. A few throwing knives can also prove useful for attacking from a distance or to open him up.