The Final Dawn

Tatsumaru’s memory has finally returned, but he decides he will stay and fight by the side of the woman he loves.

Enemies: 21
Max Score: 725
Ninja Item: Mine

Another eliminate all mission, but this time there are 21 enemies – surely enough for a Grand Master ranking? One word of advice, although the Fire Demon is supposedly at sea, one wrong step over the side results in an instant pitfall-style death.

Turn around and head to the very front of the ship to find a scattered item; the Mine. Head to the far left of the ship and grapple up to a boxed area patrolled by a bow ninja (1). Head down the stairs to your right to find a sword soldier (2). Head back to the far west gangway and head north. To your right by the mast patrols a spear soldier (3) and down the planked slope to your left is another spear-man (4). Continue north along the gangway. Down the shady right turn patrols a sword soldier (5).

Grapple the platform to find a bow ninja (6) patrolling above. On the level below observe a spear soldier (7) standing guard. Grapple back up, taking the bridge to the centre of the ship. Just beyond on the right a bowman stands guard (8). Continue east to discover a patrolling sword soldier (9). Further east is an area with three enemies. A sword soldier (10) patrols around a mast whilst a bow ninja (11) patrols a ledge to your left. Beyond the mast a spear-man (12) guards another ledge. To achieve a perfect kill it is best to kill the swordsman when he is furthest from both the 2 other enemies.

Once those three are dead grapple on to the roof to your south. Guarding the right side of the mast below is a sword soldier (13). Patrolling the gangway on the other side is another sword soldier (14). Use the mast to your advantage to hide behind between kills. Head along the east-side gangway, ahead a bowman (15) patrols. On the other side of the ship’s bow patrols a spear-man (16). Pass up the stairs behind you and head left. Up a further set of stairs, by some crates, patrols a spear soldier (17).

In the open courtyard beneath you patrols a bowman (18) and a sword soldier (19). Watch their paths and time the two kills wisely. Ahead in the main courtyard patrols a bowman (20) and above on the ledge a spear-man (21). These are quite close so you can make sure by using a blowgun, if you have one, or standard stealth techniques. With all 21 enemies dead you now face Gohda’s finest Samurai Jubei.

Boss: Techibana Jubei
Health: 210

Jubei is very powerful with some unblock-able attacks. Take the armour and a handful of smoke bombs and you should have no problem. Retreat, throw a smoke bomb, and hit him with your combo. Use health potions if needed. A straight fight with no items is not recommended.