Assault on the Azuma Ninja Village

Having lost his memory Tatsumaru helps the Burning Dawn destroy the village he grew up in..

Enemies: 16
Max Score: 625
Ninja Item: Smoke Bomb

Crouch. To your left patrols a bow ninja (1). Immediately left patrols a scythe ninja (2). Head north to find a short-sword ninja (3) patrolling the wooded area. Head up left to find a bow ninja (4) patrolling the ledge with the outdoor spa. Patrolling the house in front of you is a scythe ninja (4). If you don’t want to achieve a Grand Master you can now head in to Shiunsai’s house, otherwise head around the back of the house to find another scythe ninja (6) patrolling the other side.

Jump off this ledge on to the larger of the two buildings below. Guarding the far corner is a sword ninja (7). Inside the building you will find a scattered item; the Smoke Bomb. Head east to the northern entrance of the bamboo forest area. A short-sword ninja (8) guards the entrance. Continue through the forest towards the other end to find another short-sword ninja (9).

Cautiously head out the forest and grapple up to the watch tower defended by a bow ninja (10). Next take out the claw ninja (11) who patrols below. Head south towards the lake to find a scythe ninja (12). Now move to your right to where a sword ninja (13) patrols the field by the hut. Make you way towards the movement training area.

There are 3 enemies in this area. A short-sword ninja (14) patrols nearby with a bowman (15) stood watching on a pillar. Kill the female first when she is farthest from the bowman. Then take out the bowman. Patrolling the L-shaped wall is the final enemy, a claw ninja (16). Head to Shiunsai’s house to fight your master.

Boss: Azuma Shiunsai
Health: 100

The old man is a formidable opponent, armour is recommended. Use the smoke bomb you have found to lauch into a series of attacks. Use anything else e.g. shuriken that you have picked off your dead foes. Use a health potion if needed.