No Mercy

Tatsumaru helps the Burning Dawn strike back at Gohda by exposing his shameful secret, The Quarantine Village.

Enemies: 14
Max Score: 580
Ninja Item: Grenade

Another eliminate all mission, but this time there is only 14 enemies. Assume a crouched position. A sword soldier (1) will appear in front of you from the right. Wait until he starts walking back to the right, then go for the kill. Grapple up the building to your left. From here you should be able to see a spear-man (2) patrolling a building close to your left. Head south-east along the rooftops to where another spear-man (3) patrols an open courtyard.

Nearby a bowman (4) stands guard by a tree. Head north to discover a bowman (5) patrolling the northern edge of the level. Head south across the paddy fields to find another patrolling bowman (6). Ahead in the area with a well a sword soldier (7) patrols. Jump on the house to your right. A spear soldier (8) patrols the adjacent courtyard.

Grapple on to the roof of the house with the fence. On the other side you will find a scattered item, the grenade, and a patrolling spear-man (9). Head right around the lake. Here you will find a bowman (10) upon a wall. Make your way back to where you discovered the grenade and grapple the building ahead of you. Patrolling beneath you is a swordsman (11). Return to the roof and continue east. In the area before the temple is an awkward finale.

Three enemies are in very close proximity. A mistake here will ruin any chances of a Grand Master. Spend some time watching the enemies from the rooftops. When it is safe, first take out the bowman (12). If you are lucky this will later attract the attention of another of the enemies as he paces close by. This should make killing the remaining spear-man (13) and swordsman (14) a lot easier.