Guarding the Secret Harbor

The Secret Harbor has been discovered. Tatsumaru is ordered to guard it against Gohda’s forces.

Enemies: 16
Max Score: 625
Ninja Item: Air Bottle & Blow Gun

The objective of this mission is to eliminate the sixteen troops belonging to Lord Gohda. On completion of this task you will be transported to your confrontation with the boss. As a consequence it is important to ensure you pick up the two scattered items before your final killing.

Move forward. Upon the ledge to your left you will find a bowman (1) standing guard. A spear-man (2) will approach from the path in front to your right, be prepared to hide if he is alerted by the body. Continue along the path along the top of the level to an area with a boulder resting on a slope. Patrolling in an area beneath is a sword soldier (3). Make sure your approach doesn’t trigger the boulder to fall! On a series of ledges to your left you will find a guarding bowman (4) and the first of the scattered items; the Air Bottle.

Continue down the right side of the level. Beyond the hut a bowman (5) stands upon a ledge. Further down a spear-man (6) patrols the shore. Make your way back along the water’s edge. Guarding the entrance slope to the ship is a bow ninja (7). On board the ship you will find a patrolling spear-man (8). Jump off the other side of the boat and swim right, along the edge of the cliff to find the second scattered item; the Blow Gun.

Continue swimming to find a bowman (9) at sea patrolling some off-shore rocks. Head towards the shore and grapple on to the arch ahead of you below you are your next two victims: a spear-man (10) patrols one side whilst a swordsman (11) sleeps on the other. To the north-east patrols a sword soldier (12). Continue in this direction to discover a spear-man (13) patrolling to the left of the hut. head west for a further two kills, a spear-man (14) and a swordsman (15). The final bowman (16) lies on a crag of rocks to the north.

Boss: Urano Takehito
Health: 100

Urano has obviously just come out of retirement! He is very slow moving which makes him easy to beat. Keep running around the back of him and hitting him to defeat him.