Labor Shortage

Now one of the Lords of the Burning Dawn, Tatsumaru is ordered to round up workers for the construction of Kagami’s war vessel.

Enemies: 14 (+ 1 wolf, W1)
Max Score: 460
Ninja Item: Poison Rice

The great thing with this mission is that if you finish it you achieve a Grand Master ranking. However the price of which is that this is a stealth mission, like Ayame’s To Save a Princess. If you are seen once you will lose, though the cut scene for doing so it definitely worth a look at least once. Your objective here is to knock 8 villagers unconscious, though it doesn’t matter if you accidentally kill them instead, it still counts.

The choice of which villagers you take out is yours, but this is a preferred easy route: Beyond the watch tower to your right patrols your first villager (1). How head to the far left of the level. Grapple to the roof above. In the area with the sealed well you will find a scattered item, poison rice, and your second villager (2).

Grapple on to the building ahead and then jump past the first and on to the second building ahead. Beneath you guarding the east wall is another villager (3). If you really want to look good wait until he faces the building then moonsault off the building. This puts you in the perfect place for the kill. Head in a north-west direction along the rooftops until you reach the far corner. Now head east. After the E-shaped building you will find a villager (4) patrolling behind another building.

Continue eastwards to find a sleeping villager (5). Crouch attack him from a distance to avoid waking him up. Grapple on to the roof ahead and get on to the guarded watch tower for the sixth villager (6). Now take out the villager patrolling below (7). Now carefully move right assuming a crunched position. An enemy will approach, roll back. He is joined by another villager (8) patrolling. When the second enemy has turned away from you quickly run for the kill.