The Head of Lord Toda

When scouts find troops massing on the border, Tatsumaru sets off alone to stop the invasion before it starts.

Enemies: 14
Max Score: 595
Ninja Item: Blinding Dust

Again Toda’s War Camp is a level you should be quite familiar with, however that might not help you too much here. This is possibly the hardest level to Grand Master, and until you have unlocked the Blow Gun for Tatsumaru I wouldn’t worry about leaving this level towards the end to perfect. The problem with this level is that the enemies are very compact and killing one enemy often is in the vicinity of another. A quick kill and rolling reverse is even not possible for some. Because there are only 14 enemies you will have to kill all and go unseen to achieve the perfect rank. The walkthrough below gives you an indication of a preferred route, not being seen and what items you use are up to you alone.

To your left in front of you a sword soldier (1) patrols. Continue south past the small encampment to find a patrolling sword soldier (2). Near him behind a tree is a scattered item; Blinding Dust. Head north up the right side of the level. Beyond the hut with a sword ninja (3) stands guard on the hill. Head left to find a bow ninja (4) patrolling in front of a small encampment. Two spear soldiers are in close proximity. One to your right (5) another to your left (6). Take them out.

Grapple on to the left watch tower and kill the enemy bow soldier (7). Move across to the right one for another bow soldier (8). Now head right to find a ninja (9) patrolling the side of steep bank. A spear soldier is ahead to the left (9). Be prepared for a rolling reverse if you alert the nearby sword soldier (10). Head right making your way around the back of the main encampment. Here you will find a patrolling sword soldier (12). Now head down the left side of the level to find a spear soldier (13) on the corner of the main encampment by the hut. And further down a sword ninja (14) in the trees. Head back to the main encampment.

Boss 1: Toda
Health: 130

Toda has two guards to protect him a bowman and spear-man. Run around the edge of the arena and each time you pass the bowman go for a few hits. The bowman will no doubt aid you with a few misguided arrows. Once the bow man is dead try and get some quick blows in on the spear-man. Once you are left with Toda the block and attack method again is the best option. Keep an eye on your health bar throughout and towards the end or when necessary top it up with a potion.

Boss 2: Kagami
Health: 130

Kagami spends most of her time running away from you but when she does attack she uses a three-hit combo. Defend these blows then get a few of your own in. After half damage the cut-scene with you falling into the water kicks in. Tatsumaru has amnesia – he now works for the Burning Dawn!