A Shadow

En route to meet up with his Lord, Tatsumaru spots a suspicious shadow and decides to investigate.

Enemies: 18
Max Score: 665
Ninja Item: Poison Antidote

This really is a great level. Not only can you explore left and right, but vertically. In that respect it is quite similar to Demon Mountain, but since it is a night time mission it is far superior in every way. Two thing to look out for on this level; often guards for no reason enter !? mode. This is probably due to enemies in close proximity to Gohda’s elite guards. Secondly be careful killing ninja on roofs. It is very easy to get the attack angle wrong and they enter !! mode – highly annoying. Using a crouched attack from behind is the best recommendation.

Turn around. On the wall in front of you is a sword ninja (1). Grapple up and kill him. Head out the door to your right. Halfway down the steps patrols a bowman (2) and a spear-man (3) to your left beneath the stairs. Return to your starting position and make your way up the stairs ahead. Patrolling at the top is a sword soldier (4). pass through the doors to your right ignoring the spear soldier in front of you. Grapple and hang on the roof to your left. Wait patiently for a bow ninja (5) to appear.

Now head back down and kill the spear-man (6). Grapple back to the same building to find a bow ninja (7) at the roof’s apex. Return to the courtyard and kill the sword soldier (8) who patrols left of your position near one of Gohda’s guards. Past Gohda’s guard in the corner is a scatter item, poison antidote, and a scythe ninja (9) on the roof above. Return to the courtyard and head to the far north-east corner of it. Grapple up to the roof above.

Below in the next courtyard is a spear soldier (10). Return to the roof and head left to find a scythe ninja (11). Further down the courtyard is a bow soldier (12). It is very difficult to kill this enemy as a nearby guard like to do the job for you. Nevertheless you can still achieve a Grand Master ranking without him so best not go there. Instead continue west, over the roof, into the next courtyard to find a spear soldier (13) and a sword soldier (14).

Return to your previous thirteenth victim and grapple the roof above. To your left on top of the high roof a bow ninja (15) stands guard. From here head north along the roof and then east. Grapple up to the tiling sticking out form the main castle above. Head left higher up on to the next level. To your left a ninja (17) guards the roof. Continue north to find a patrolling bow ninja (17). Head back to the main castle structure and work your way up. Another bow ninja (18) guards the north-west corner. Grapple on to the next floor to here Kagami’s dream and meet the original Seiryu.

Boss: Seiryu
Health: 130

A nice easy boss to kick off Tatsumaru’s missions. It wont belong until you strike the final hit that send Seiryu plummeting to his death. They will not be a tough pair of shoes to fit! Block and attack strategy, as always, works a treat.