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After having resurrected quite a bit of the old site, I thought it was time to work a little on a better site layout and design. As you can see I have done some changes to the color scheme and overall look. There will be more refinements to come, but in the meantime let me know what you think and where you would like to go with the site design.

The pictures displayed at the top, are all drawn by our amazing Azuma Ninja artists. They were all originally submitted for the 2005 Tenchu Checkpoint calendar. I thought it was a good way to showcase the wonderful art that has been submitted over the past ten years.

But if any of you do not want your artwork displayed, then please let me know. Either leave a comment or email me at restore (at)

19 thoughts on “New Site Layout

    • Maybe if the categories list is always shown… so it will help while navigating everysite…

      • Good point.
        I was planning on replacing the category based navigation with a proper drop down menu., that takes you directly to the page.
        I find that category browsing a bit tedious. Hopefully will find the time to get that up this week.

        • Nice…hmm if I may help feel free to ask… Im just learning programming but I may help…

          • Email me at restore (at) tenchu (dot) de
            Eventually there is something for you to do, with or without coding skills ;).

  1. Ahhh wow! finally good to see this place back 🙂 After countless years! Good Job Selenia!


  2. Hel Sel,

    I was just wondering if you still work for Acquire? Don’t worry, I don’t want any company secrets or anything… was just wondering if you’re still with them 😉

    Anyway, thanks again for resurrecting!
    I like the new layout and using fan artwork was a great idea.

    • Hi Koroshiya,

      I quit working for Acquire almost 2 years ago. I had a good time there though.

      • Thanks for the reply! Good luck wherever you are working now 🙂 I’ll be checking this site frequently. I hope the Tenchu franchise will make a comeback soon.

        • Thanks for your continued support :)! I will be away on vacation until the end of August, so site restoration will be a bit slow.

          I started my own company, called Nyamyam last year. We are 4 people and currently working on a game for the iPad. Game details are still top secret, but once we are ready to show something I might post it here as well.

          • Wow, congrats! I am not really into touch screen gaming, but I certainly understand the market for those types of games is really huge now. Please do share info on the game when you are ready to show it off. I would love to see your work. Good luck! 🙂

  3. Hi Selenia!!!
    Glad to see the site back….!!! missed it a lot…..!!!
    I didnt know you worked for acquire!!?!!…. fantastic…
    I always loved Japan and everything Japanese since I was 6 years and my forced me to watch Seven Samurai…lol then I watched Tetsuya Mizoguchi films etc this had profound effect on me….in many ways….
    Lastly October been to tokyo for the first time ever!!! didnt want to come back….lol
    Been also going to Hyper Japan conventions every year in London as this is where I live…fantastic highly reccommend it to everyone….
    But I have few questions to you hopefully you can answer.
    Firstly will the forum return?
    And do you know anything about continuation of last Tenchu game which came out on Wii and psp ?As far as I remember Acquire was meant to do trilogy??? or was it abanded….?
    keep up the good work…
    best wishes

    • Hello Sebastian!

      I worked for Acquire for 4 years. Had a really amazing time in Japan. If you get the chance to go, I highly recommend it.

      I am open the suggestions regarding the forum. It is certainly possible to setup a new forum on the site. If everyone let me know what they think, I can start arranging something.

      The Tenchu game on the Wii wasn’t a massive success, so I doubt it will become a trilogy. FromSoftware’s plan for the Tenchu franchise are unknown to me. Seeing that they are more successful with their other franchises (Armored Core for example), I would think they are not focusing on Tenchu as much recently.

  4. Probably this is not the right place to write this but i wanted to say Congratulations for creating this site again.I heard that it was Down.I was new in Tenchu Checkpoint forums and i was listening again n again about this site.Nice work guys.
    As i said before i am new here and i got some questions:
    Will there be any forum here?
    WIll there be information about the other tenchu games too?
    Selenia,do you have any contact with Acquire & From Software?

    I will appreciate if you answer me,and sorry if this is pretty random.I am a Huge fan of tenchu series,i love all Tenchu games.If i can help somehow tell me,i cant do many things though,i am only 15 years old.Thanks…

    • Hi ShadowAssassin!
      Thanks for stopping by :).

      I have not really thought much about a forum yet. If people are interested, then I can certainly set something up here on the site. Would be nice to get some opinions on this. The ‘old’ forum is still there, but it seems very big in comparison with the active user base. So maybe something new and more intimate would be the right thing to go for ?!

      The Blue Swordsman and I are working on restoring the other Tenchu sections as well. Currently still working on Tenchu 2 though.

      I am still in contact with my friends at Acquire, but have no contact with FromSoftware.

  5. Hey Selenia!
    You replied Thanks ^__^
    You and Blue Swordman are doing a Great job with this forum.
    You said that you got some friends at Acquire.One more question,do they check these forums?Do they check our ideas?
    You are so lucky cause you know when the next Tenchu game will come and in which console 😉

    • Thank you!

      As to your questions. I simply do not know the answers. The game industry is very secretive. So just because I have some friends at Acquire, does not mean they are allowed to tell me what they are working on.
      So my guess is as good as yours.

  6. It’s awesome to see Selenia back and the amount of effort Blue Swordsman has put into keeping the spirits alive. I hope to pop in more often as usual, and great choice with WordPress, I think it’s great!


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