Shiunsai’s First Test

Written by Komov & Chris

Objective: Assasinate
Boss: Gohda Motohide

Turn around and go straight on until you reach stairs and two spear-traps located on the both sides of the stairs. Pass them and crouch immediately. There is a soldier armed with sword patrolling at the end of the room. Eliminate him. The exit is on the left – leave the room and then take the left path. You will see some stairs in the distance. Don’t go up on them, instead turn right and keep moving.

On the right there is an entrance to a room in which a geisha walking around. Ignore the room without letting the girl inside spot you. Stop in crouch position beside the lamp beyond the entrance. In the near distance there are stairs leading to a room. Inside there is a spearman patrolling. Wait for him to show up at the entrance and once he looks away head up and kill him.

At the end of the corridor onward there is a ledge on the wall. There is a geisha walking around there, so be careful. Climb the ledge and enter the next room by performing a big jump in order to avoid the hidden-pitfalls area on the other side.

Now, go to the nearest statue and climb it using your grappling hook. From here you will see Motohide walking around. Wait for him to walk away with his back towards you and jump after him. Move on & then slash him with your weapon unsheathed. Congratulations, you have beaten the level!