Shiunsai’s Second Test

Written by Komov & Chris
Objective: Protect
Boss: Gohda Motohide

The best way to deal with any protect is to eliminate all the enemies along the route first, however the level can be played without doing so for more challenge. The level begins with you placed in a small room with a corridor ahead of you. Go forward and climb the wall to your right.

Drop down into the small passageway, and then climb the next wall. Crouch immediately, and hold. You’ll see Motohide walking around. His route is not complicated, so you shouldn’t have any troubles in slashing him when you get the right opportunity. Next take the stairs that are on the right beside the lamp. You’ll see two routes – a corridor on the right, and a set of stairs directly ahead of you.

Take the stairs. Eliminate the swordsman patrolling inside the room on the left before taking the opposite path to the right. After a short while you’ll reach a huge area with a bowman patrolling beside the wall on the right. Climb the wall carefully and take him out, then drop back down and keep going until the path bends right. Follow it round and soon you’ll see Lord Gohda waiting for you.

Go close to him in order to make him notice you. Now he’ll lead you right to Sekiya Naotada. Don’t leave too much distance between yourself and Gohda or he’ll stop walking and will wait for you to return. After a long peaceful walk, you and your Lord will reach Sekiya without any obstacles or blood-shedding on the way. Congratulations, you have beaten the level!