Shiunsai’s Third Test

Written by Komov & Chris

Objective: Eliminate
Boss: Gohda Motohide

Turn around. Cross the room with the platform and continue on into the corridor. Head right until you reach where the path makes right turn and then use stealth to position yourself along the wall. Wait for the spear-man patrolling in the next part of the corridor to stand with his back towards you, then hurry & eliminate him. Go back and take the route on the right with the pitfalls. Follow the path, you’ll have to jump at least two times. In the next room there is a spear-man patrolling, take him out.

Enter the next room, on the right. On a platform towards the left ledge, just after a lamp, there is a bowman patrolling. Kill him, then head forward and take the right turn. In the next room there is a high platform and a swordsman patrolling in a anti-clockwise direction. Grapple up and then plan for the best approach. After you kill him, go to the exit of the room on the right.

Be careful, the whole next room is a pitfall area covered with trapdoors. Run through towards the right front corner very fast, and jump over the higher floor at the entrance of the next room. There is a swordsman patrolling on the right side, eliminate him carefully. Take the only exit, but be careful since there is a concealed trap located beyond the step down.

Ahead there is a corridor. Climb the ledge along the wall in front of you. In the next room down there is Motohide walking around. Unsheathe your weapon and jump down when he is vulnerable for attack, then slash him. Congratulations, you have beaten the level!