Shiunsai’s Fourth Test

Written by Komov & Chris

Objective: Seek Out, Stealth Required
Boss: None

After the level begins, turn around. Take the path on the left, and run until you reach a lamp. Now grab up onto the ledge on the left. Do not climb it yet, just examine the patrolling pattern of the archer on the other side of the ledge. When ready, climb and go for the guy. Descend the stairs on the right, then continue in a left direction. Beware – at the next corridor there is a swordsman patrolling; he starts from beyond the furthest column and continues on the left direction. On the right side of the corridor, there is a spear-man patrolling along the set of stairs.

When the swordsman is moving away, go for the spear-man – it is advised to observe them for a while until you are comfortable at timing your move, because to be spotted means instant death. Now, go up the stairs, from here you’ll notice a swordsman in the distance; don’t go in that direction, instead descend the stairs to the left. Continue on until you reach the end of the wooden floor, then crouch over the stairs that lead to the lower ground.

Observe the area on your left (take advantage of the KI meter as well)and kill the spear-man who is patrolling there. When ready, head back to the right and grab on to the wooden platform right below the swordsman you saw previously. Take a look at the far left above where the stairs go, and wait for the archer up there to walk away from you. Climb and immediately press the attack button to take out the swordsman. Then drop back down. If the archer is unalerted he will be next. Kill him and continue along that ledge until you see a lower area below covered with trapdoors, and a swordsman guarding in the distance. When he is with his back towards you, jump down over the trapdoors and rush ahead to avoid falling and kill him.

Now head right, then take the small corridor with the stairs on the left. Again on the left there are some more stairs, and a swordsman patrolling. Go and eliminate him, then go back and take out the other swordsman that is on the lower area. Next make your way goes down the stairs that lead lower, but beware of the spear-man who might show up there coming from the right side. Be careful, use your KI meter, and eliminate him at a good opportunity. Now all that you have to do is to go in the direction where the spear-man was patrolling, and follow the footsteps to find Shiunsai. Congratulations, you have beaten the level!