Shiunsai’s Final Test

Written by Komov & Chris

Objective: Steal
Boss: Gohda Motohide

This is maybe the easiest level if you know the exact route. The level consists of a series of very small rooms separated by corridors. You do not need to kill the enemies in the rooms, because they only guard inside them. Whenever you have to pass near the entrance to a room with an enemy, just use stealth along the wall and wait for him to look in any direction but yours before move on. This is valid for the whole level.

You begin the level inside one of these rooms.Go outside and turn left. Go straight ahead taking your third right. In the room on the left there is the secret message. Be careful as there are a couple of traps inside. Get the message and after you exit the room go left. At the next crossroad take a left turn and move until you reach the null-space.

Now go to the right until you reach the corner of the map. Walk along with the null-space on your left and continue moving forward ignoring two corridors on the right. Take a right turn at the third corridor. The door to the room on the right leads to Lord Gohda.

Beware – next the stairs and in front of Gohda there is a pitfall. Enter the room by performing a big jump and land in front of Gohda. Congratulations, you have beaten the level!