Written by Komov & Chris

Objective: Assassinate
Boss: Boron

The village tileset and an assassinate mission make for a very easy combination. With no infinity high wall, finding Boron is quite simple. Turn around and head forward to the null-space. Keep moving along it to the left. Continue on until you reach a small brook, pass it, and proceed until you reach the corner of the map. Continue moving to the left, still along the null-space.

After a while you’ll reach another small brook. Beyond it you’ll see wooden fence. Beware – there is a village girl walking around near to the left; don’t let her spot you if you want to prove your stealth skills. After you pass the brook, climb the fence and then drop down the other side.

In the distance you’ll see some water, some trees, and Boron the moron between them. There are several pitfalls concealed with trapdoors there – you’ll notice them because the ground around them is lighter. Now, unsheathe your weapon and then grapple onto the closest tree (with red leaves), and using stealth position over it. Be careful though – Boron is very close. Now all you have to do is to wait for the right opportunity, to jump down avoiding any trapdoors, and to be fast in slashing him in his back.

For more challenge eliminate some guards first or face Boron in a head-to-head duel. Good luck!