Into The Enemy’s Lair

Written by Komov & Chris

Objective: Retrieve, Stealth Required
Boss: Toda Yoshisada

After the level begins, run ahead and bypass the first left corridor. Stop and crouch at the entrance to the next left corridor, and watch for the spearman that will show up from the far right. When he turns his back towards you, rush and take him out immediately. Be sure to do this fast, because the geisha that is in the room on the left will spot you. After you kill him, rush back and hide.

The annoying geisha will notice the guard’s corpse and will go to him. After your KI meter returns to “?”, wait for the geisha to stay with her back towards you; then kill her with either a shuriken or with a crouching hit to eliminate her immediately (it’s an evil act to do, but it’s safer for you). Then, climb the vent-like ledge that is on the left. Go along the corridor until you reach a small room below the way. Jump down and take the yellow scroll. Then, climb back and return to the place where you committed the double murder.

Next, enter the room on the left and take the red scroll that is on the right side of the weapon stand. Return to the entrance to the weapon room and wait to observe an archer on the corridor to your left. Be warned he might be alerted by your two bodies. Kill him. Next return to your pile of victims and head up the right vent-ledge. Drop down in to the tiled room and kill the spear-man.

From the entrance out observe a swordsman and only kill once he is heading left away from you. If in doubt watch his path then continue along. The corridor will make one more turn. Crouch below the stairs that are next, and wait for the spear-man ahead to stand with his back towards you. Take him out, then go back and take the way on your left. Run along until you finally reach the blue scroll. Congratulations, you have beaten the level!