The Demon Encampment

Written by Komov & Chris

Objective: Eliminate
Boss: Kamadoma

You begin the level standing upon a rock. Below you is an innocent person, but most likely you won’t see him because of the disappearing enemy glitch. Ahead of you is another rock on the right, and a path to its left. Rush ahead and take the path to the left. You’ll see a bowman guarding a rock above you. Take him out, then move on passing the big tree stump and the tree that are close to the wall.

In front of you will be another tree, and a demon ninja patrolling near the guardian deities. To your left is vast abyss area. Do not cross the bridge. Instead head left and use your ki until you pick up the scent of a scythe ninja beyond a rocky area. Your ki will still be picking up another enemy, he is just beyond through a narrow passage which cuts back on itself. Take him out, then return to the small bridge between the two towers.

Beware because the bridge collapses. After you pass it, be sure to stop on the inclined ground, as a spear trap and switch is just beyond it.. Nearby is a big stone and a sword ninja patrolling. Jump over the switch to avoid the trap and slay the guy. Then go through the entrance which leads to a water area. On the left there is a big stone, and a demon ninja on the other side of the stone. Go for him.

Then jump to the nearest platform over the water area. You have to make three more jumps until you reach a platform with a big stone. You’ll see Kamadoma over the next platform. Unsheathe your weapon, then climb the stone and crouch when Kamadoma is not watching. Now wait for a good opportunity to jump over the next platform and to slash the leader of the Demon Ninja right in time.