The Floating Temple

Written by Komov & Chris

Objective: Retrieve
Boss: Suzaku

You begin the level near one of the entrances to a huge temple area located by a lake. Take the path in front of you then jump on to the roofs to your right. Move along them until they make a right turn. Ahead is a small area where there is a monk (non-combatant). If you are good at stealth, you shouldn’t let the monk spot you. Now jump on the roofs to the left.

There are two areas with ponds surrounded by platforms (in the left area there is a monk also). Go to the right one – the blue scroll is right below the wall. Collect it. Jump back over the roofs and continue along to the left. When the way makes a left turn carry on forward. Move until you reach a small bridge leading out of the temple area in the right direction.

Follow this path, and when you’re on the ground, go on the left until you reach the null space. Follow it to the right until you reach the corner of the map, where the red scroll is. BE SURE TO AVOID TRAPDOORS AND MINES. Trapdoors are darker than the surrounding grass. After you pick the scroll, continue along the null space avoiding a couple of mines until you reach a water tunnel.

Be careful – there is a bowman patrolling in the corridor on the right of the water tunnel. Go in the water, and swim along the null space. Once you reach the higher ground ahead of you, climb up using the grappling hook. Then go to the big tree. There is a small shrine, a mine, and the yellow scroll between them. Go and take the scroll, but be careful not to bump into the mine. Congratulations, you have beaten the level!