The Howling Wind

Written by Komov & Chris

Objective: Protect
Boss: Wang Dahai

You begin the level standing on wooden platform near the shore of a lake. Go ahead until you notice Lord Gohda waiting for you not far away from the start. Behind him there is a hidden trap with switch. Anyway, don’t approach Lord Gohda yet, instead head right. Soon you’ll see some wooden boxes, and a Chinese swordsman guarding on the other side near a campfire.

Go and take him out. Continue on until you reach a big stone. Ahead you’ll see another Chinese swordsman patrolling. After you kill him, continue right. Pass one house and use stealth along the next house. Move along the wall to the left to get the opportunity to see the Chinese guard with rifle guarding on the tower.

When the guard is not looking in your direction, run to the tower, then climb it using the grappling hook. Immediately press the square button, and the guard will be finished. Drop down, and move towards the next watchtower . Up the ramp another swordsman patrols, kill him. Head left until you see some warning bells, beyond which there is a further enemy.

Jump over the bells and kill him. Ahead grapple up to series of watchtowers and you will see Sekiya. Now head back using the other route for an easy approach on Wang Dahai. Kill him. With all enemies dead protecting Gohda should now be simple! Congratulations, you succeeded!