A Moonless Night

Written by Komov & Chris

Objective: Assassinate, Stealth Required
Boss: Garan

You begin the level standing on a wall. Turn around and jump to the next wall which was behind you. Keep running along it until it bends right, carefully continue on. When you reach the end, jump over to the next wall on the left. Be careful not to be spotted by the thief armed with a bow who patrols below.

At an appropriate time take him out, and then immediately jump on to the house. Beyond you there is another house – make a big jump, doing your best to reach the edge of the house, and crouch. On the other side there is a vigilante patrolling. Eliminate him and go over the wooden platform in front of you. Ahead of you is a series of platforms with a well between them.

Take the left one, continuing along the null space, make a further two jumps over another platform and onto a small house. Crouch upon the house immediately and behold – soon you’ll see Garan walking around another house near in front of you.

Try to find a good opportunity to assassinate him; or wait for him to come as closer as possible, then just throw a shuriken in the distance in order to make him stop and look at the direction where the shuriken has hit. Then just drop down, go behind him, and wait for him to return to “?” mode. Now slash him quickly. Congratulations, you have beaten the level!