Silent Forest

Written by Komov & Chris

Objective: Eliminate
Boss: Byakko

After the level begins, turn around 180 degrees. Just ahead of you is a small hill. Go and climb it. Below on the right is a kunoichi guarding – drop down and kill her. Continue on in that direction, until you see a big stone. On the other side there is an archer patrolling. Take him out, then continue to the right passing another big stone, and move on until you reach a place which you must climb.

Be sure to either crouch or stay clinging to the ledge because between the bamboo trees there is a demon ninja patrolling. Go for him and take him out. Next jump down to the lower ground on your right, avoiding the trap concealed below. Head to the big stone, beyond the pillar, and watch for the kunoichi patrolling on the other side. Slay her, then keep moving ahead until you see a snow-covered pitfall and an entrance to another area on the left. Go to that area and eliminate the archer who is patrolling there.

Then head back to the last big stone, and go right near the water area. There is a scythe ninja patrolling on the higher ground. Take him out, be careful not to fall in the lower place on the left – there are pitfalls concealed with trapdoors. Drop back down and head left following the wall round, past your female victim. After several left turns along the wall, you’ll finally reach a sword ninja patrolling. Eliminate him, then go back along the wall until you reach the water where you were before.

Enter the water, and swim under the wall. On the other side is the place where Byakko is, walking around inside his lair. Climb up and grab the edge of the level above. From here observe Byakko and when he is walking away with his back towards you, you must go on up and slash him. Be warned it is useful to unsheathe your weapon in advance as it is sheathed after your short swim. Congratulations, you have beaten the level!