Depths Of Despair

Written by Komov & Chris

Objective: Seek Out
Boss: Genbu

You begin the level inside a cavern. Stay on the small platform and turn around. Pass through the two wooden crates and drop to the ground below, just near the water. Go ahead past the two cells, avoiding the gaze of the innocent. Ahead of you on the platform a crow ninja armed with sword is patrolling. Take him out when he is with his back or sides towards you.

Leave the area through the exit on the right. Now use your grappling hook to climb the ledge just in front of the exit. Keep moving along the ledge cautiously until it makes a left turn. Beware just after the turn there is a fence and a crow ninja patrolling just along the fence. Eliminate him, retreat first if necessary, or use the platform to hang off.

Now, you should see Genbu walking around in the next room in a lower level. be careful not to jump directly on the ground beyond the wall – there is a concealed switch which will activate a spear-trap, stabbing the ill person in a cell in the distance and thus alerting Genbu. Perform a big jump instead, after waiting for the right moment to strike.

After dispatching Genbu run to the right until you reach a very small water area. Now, use your grappling hook to climb the ledge on the left side of the passageway, just above you. From here you’ll see Shiunsai in the next area. Go to him. Congratulations, you have beaten the level!