Washed Ashore

Written by Komov & Chris

Objective: Steal
Boss: Kagami

The level begins with Lord Gohda standing in front of you. Jump onto the ledge on your left, then move forward beyond the wooden crates. Keep moving along the null space, then follow the ledge on the left until you see the front of the ship in the distance. Beware – there is a crow ninja with scythes patrolling below the edge and a crow ninja with sword patrolling at the front.

Take the sword ninja out, then go to the very end of the bow. From here, jump to the ground on the left. Continue along the null space until you reach the front of the next ship. Climb it using the grappling hook, be sure not to let the kunoichi on the left spot you. Next jump to the ground beyond. Again, run along the null space, until you finally reach the corner of the map.

Take the left turn, still following the black space. Don’t let the innocent nearby spot you if you want to prove your abilities of being invisible. Go to the higher ground and make a jump to the next high area, avoiding the trapdoors that are ahead below. Rush and crouch behind the raised edge and observe the kunoichi patrolling nearby ahead of you.

After eliminating her at a good opportunity, follow the null space once again until you see the secret message on a small wooden platform below. Go for it, but be careful because there is a pitfall nearby below. After you take it, go back to Lord Gohda following the same way from which you came. It is a good idea to use the coloured rice to mark your way to the secret message. By that way you will prevent yourself of getting lost when you make your way back.