A Brand New Evil

Written by Komov & Chris

Objective: Assassinate
Boss: Azuma Shiunsai

You begin the level in a huge room inside an European Castle. Go straight on and leave the chamber through the exit in front of you. Keep moving forward through the next chamber. There are stairs on the right and an exit in front of you. Ignore the stairs. You should be able to see some tables in the next chamber. Beware since there is a woman walking around the tables in a clockwise direction. Whilst she is walking on the one side of the tables, you move on through the other side. The exit of the chamber is on the right, just after the fireplace.

After you enter the next chamber, move near the wall on the left. You will see stairs, and some suits of armour just beyond. Be cautious since the last suit of armour on the left is actually an alive knight with a sword! Surprise him; instead of letting him surprise you. After taking him out, leave the chamber through the exit on the right. Cross the next chamber and wait for a while along the wall on the right of the exit. The next chamber is actually a huge abyss surrounded by ledges. A knight armed with sword will come along from in front and will take a left turn just before the door, continuing to walk ahead to the right. Once he returns and heads away from you take him out, you must keep in mind that the place is dangerous and so you must be careful not to fall in the abyss whilst killing him.

After he is dead, turn around and head left along the ledge until you reach the exit of the chamber. At the exit use stealth to position yourself against the wall. The next chamber is in a lower level. There is a concealed pitfall just after the entrance, also in the distance you will see a stone statue and a woman in front of it looking in your direction. Wait for her to begin walking, and enter the chamber performing a jump in order to avoid the pitfall. Now, go on the left, following the woman. After a while she will take a left turn. Leave the chamber through the exit on the right. Take this route and then the passageway left. In the next chamber there is a knight with a halberd patrolling along the wall to the left of the door. Take him out whilst he is with his back or right side towards you.

Now, cross the chamber until you reach the fence at the end of it. From here you will see a platform in the middle of a water area. Shiunsai is waiting for you there. The bridge leading to the platform is in the opposite side. The best thing to do is grapple on to one of the statutes and then drop down to Shiunsai. This is the best way to stealth-kill him and avoid challenging him in a swordfight. Good luck!