Tenchu, Incorporated

Written by Komov & Chris

Objective: Steal
Boss: Azuma Shiunsai

You begin the level in a room where is a secretary walking around a desk. It is more than likely you won’t see her because of the disappearing enemy glitch. Move cautiously forward. On the right you should see a partition. Climb it, and jump to the platform ahead of you. Beware – this is the moment when the secretary suddenly appears and will be alerted to your presence causing your ki to enter !! mode.

Ahead is a locker room and inside a sword ninja patrolling. Should the screams have alerted him wait until he returns to ? mode before taking him out. Now cross the room and find the only entrance out. Take the left turn, continue along the corridor past the two small stairs until you reach the next set of steeper stairs a fair way down the corridor on your left. Don’t go up them instead turn right. Carry on down the corridor ignoring the first room on your right. Ahead of you should be a big room in a lower level with Shiunsai patrolling, and a ledge on the right. Kill Shiunsai as he moves away and go back to climb the ledge.

Take the corridor and keep moving until you see a scythe ninja in front of you, just beyond a corner. Don’t worry he wont see you! Ahead of the enemy is an abyss. The scythe ninja should stay with either his back or his left side towards you. Take him out. Beware not to fall in the abyss whilst killing him! Now, take a look on the left. You should see the Secret Message in lower level on a very small piece of ground. Jump there carefully. Take it and then use the grappling hook to climb back.

Return to the room where you first met Shiunsai. There is another entrance out of it. Leave the room through it. Keep moving through the corridor until you finally meet Lord Gohda at the end, beyond the partition. Congratulations, you have beaten the level!