Assassin Items

Item selection screenIntroduction
Before every Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven mission Tesshu can choose from 13 different items to equip for the obstacles that lie ahead. The carrying capacity within the item selection process is limited to 6 different item types. The Grappling Hook is always in Tesshu’s inventory, so it is 5 item types + Grappling Hook. Tesshu’s overall carrying capacity is a lot bigger than Ayame’s and Rikimaru’s.
He can take the maximum limit of the item he has chosen on his mission. Once the mission has started items can be added to the inventory that are found in the mission.

Tesshu items can be split into 3 main categories. Normal Items (Blow Gun, Grenade, Healing Potion, Poison Antidote, Smoke Bomb, Strength Potion, Throwing Needle), Master of Assassin Items (Bamboo Gun, Disguise, Exploding Arrow, Kumhimo, Magazine, Super Needle) and Mission Only Items (Bow, Egg, Rice Potion, Spear).
Tesshu is an assassin and not a ninja. Therefore Tesshu needs money to buy his items, unlike Ayame and Rikimaru who get their items as a reward for their work from Lord Gohda. Luckily Tesshu is paid for every job he completes.

There are 4 ways to get money. Tesshu is paid upon completing a mission, the rank you gain and the needed time affects the amount of money you get. The most money is of course earned by finishing a mission as quickly as possible and reaching the highest possible rank for Tesshu “Master of Assassins”.

The 2nd way to get money is by picking it up from dead enemies. Most enemies will carry a small amount of money with them. After you killed them their money, if they have some, will drop out their clothes and lay next to them. Simply move over it to pick it up.

The 3rd way is to find brown/grey money boxes hidden in the missions. Look out for these boxes, because they usually hold large amounts of money. All money picked up within a mission is added to your overall amount of money once the mission is completed.

The 4th way is to sell your items back to the shop. After every mission the items you have in your inventory are automatically sold. You can not sell Mission Only Items though (Bow, Egg, Rice Potion, Spear).

Normal Items
Tesshu starts the game with all 7 Normal Item types unlocked. At the beginning he can only choose from 2 Grenades, 3 Smoke Bombs, 2 Healing Potions and 5 needles though. Blow Gun, Strength Potion and Poison Antidote are unlocked but you can’t purchase them because their amount is 0. The store is refilled based upon your ranking.

Blow Gun
Instantly kills an enemy in “!” or “?” mode. Slowly poisones enemies in “!!” or “?!” mode until they have lost 20 health points.
Price: 480
Limit: 5
Inflicts 40 points of damage on impact.
Price: 300
Limit: 15
Healing Potion
Restores your health to 100%.
Price: 250
Limit: 15
Smoke Bomb
Explodes in a cloud of smoke when throw that confuses every character in its range for 5 seconds. During this time the enemy is vulnerable to attacks.
Price: 200
Limit: 15
Poison Antidote
Certain opponents can poison you. Your health meter turns from red to green when you have been poisoned. The poison will deal a lot of damage to you and every couple of seconds your movement will be interrupted, which makes it a lot harder to escape, block or fight your opponent. Use the Poison Antidote to neutralize the poison.
Price: 150
Limit: 15
Strength Potion
Drink it to increase your attack strength. For 15 seconds your attacks will deal more damage. Your character’s upper body will glow red until the Strength Potion wears off.
Price: 200
Limit: 15
Throwing Needle
Hold triangle to aim it at an opponent and then release triangle to throw it.
Up to 10 points of damage will be dealt.
Price: 50
Limit: 15

Master of Assassins Items
There are 6 Master of Assassins Items, one for every of Tesshu’s missions in story mode. A Master of Assassins Item is granted to you, as the name already implies, upon reaching the best possible rank for Tesshu on a mission called “Master of Assassins”. Each Master of Assassins Item belongs to a certain mission. You can’t unlock more Master of Assassins Items by getting that rank on the same mission several times.

Bamboo Gun
The Bamboo Gun kills all normal enemies with one shot, no matter if they see you or not. In boss fights the Bamboo Gun deals up to 45 points of damage. Since you can’t aim the Bamboo Gun press R2 shortly before you shoot the gun. It takes a second until the gun shoots, so best use it when the enemy is a bit further away from you. The closer you stand to your opponent during a boss fight, while shooting the gun, the more damage is dealt.
Mission: Return to Zennosuke
Price: 1800
Limit: 3
Disguises you temporarily as an enemy. The costume varies depending on the mission you are currently playing. Dogs and bosses though will still recognize you as an opponent. The spell wears off after approx. 20 seconds or once you have stealth killed someone.
Mission: Go to the House in the Cemetery
Price: 1200
Limit: 3
Exploding Arrow
Shoot at an opponent, upon impact the arrow explodes and can deal up to 50 points of damage. Depending on the shooting distance the hit character will fly backwards.
Mission: Escape from the Limestone Cavern
Price: 750
Limit: 3
If you throw the Kumihimo at an enemy while he/she is not aware of your presence, the enemy will be strangled and killed instantly. If you use it in fight situations the Kumihimo deals 20 points of damage. Either way you get a cool animation showing how the enemy is hung by a string that Tesshu pulls.
Mission: Teach Rikimaru a Lesson
Price: 520
Limit: 3
Use it to lure enemies. If you throw it within view range of an enemy, the enemy will leave his normal walking route or standing position to go and pick up the magazine. After the enemy picked up the magazine he/she will go back to their original positions. Upon killing an enemy that picked up a magazine you can take the magazine from the corpse, therefore you never need to take more than one magazine on a mission.
Mission: Rendezvous with Senkichi by the Waterfalls
Price: 1200
Limit: 3
Super Needle
Throw 8 needles simultaneously and inflict up to 80 points of damage.
Mission: Assassinate Nasu and Echigoya
Price: 900
Limit: 1

Mission Only Items
In every mission you can pick up bows and spears from killed opponents. You can also find special food (Egg, Rice Potion) to recover your health. These items though can only be picked up during a mission and can’t later on be sold or purchased. Items&weapons can be picked up from the floor by simply standing very close to them.

Pick up from dead archers. Each bow comes with 3 arrows. The bows standard shooting range is quite short, so use Ninja Vision to enhance it. An arrow deals 10 points of damage. Good alternative for Shuriken/Crimson Blades. Hitting an unsuspecting victim with an arrow will not instantly kill him/her if he/she has more than 10 health points.
By eating it you recover 50 health points.
Rice Potion
By eating it you recover 30 health points.
The spear has a large attack range and is good to keep opponents in distance. You can’t do many different attack moves with it though. You can perform stealth kill with the spear, but won’t get a stealth kill animation.