Tesshu’s Special Moves

Tesshu only has 6 special moves. All of his special moves are unlocked from the beginning on. Tesshu has no Kuji-meter.

Cling to Ceiling
Equip your Grappling Hook and aim it at a ceiling by pressing triangle. Hold R1 and release triangle, but don’t let go of R1. Your character will be pulled against the ceiling and hang there as long as you don’t release R1, but not longer than 18 seconds. After 15 seconds your controller will start vibrating, this indicates you have 3 more seconds until you will fall down. While you are clinging to a ceiling you can still use the following items : Grenade and Smoke Bomb. Tesshu can also still use his special move “Mimic Animals”.

Press X and circle simultaneously. After 2 seconds Tesshu’s upper body will begin to glow red for 10 seconds. During this time period Tesshu’s attack strength is increased, so he deals a lot more damage. Enemies hit are set on fire for a couple of seconds. The fire deals no additional damage though.

Feign Death
Turn the left analogue stick 360 degrees (one full circle) and press R1. Tesshu will punch himself and drop to the floor loosing 15 health points at once and 1 more health point every second. Your health won’t drop beyond 1 though! Nearby enemies will come to investigate. When they are standing close to your head press square. Your character will jump up in a 360 degree turn and kill the enemy. If the enemy is not standing in the right position you will miss him/her. You can practise this move best in Multiplayer Versus to find out where the enemy has to stand in order to perform a successful surprise attack. It is always good to stand with your back to the enemy you want to lure and then use the “Feign Death”. This way your head will be closest to the enemy which will make it more likely he/she will run towards you and stop next to your head.

Mimic Animals
This ability works exactly like Ayame’s and Rikimaru’s Grand Master item Decoy Whistle. Press R1 and circle together to make the noise of a cat, dog or rooster. You have no influence on what animal sound will be mimicked. Alerted enemies (“?!”-mode) will calm down and stop looking for you (“?”-mode).

Power Block
Press circle when an enemy tries to attack you. Tesshu will do a 360 degree turn and the yellow kuji-circle will appear on the screen. You can push the enemy off balance with the Power Block and leave him open for a counter attack of yours. Best practise this move in the early stages, where the guards are weaker and slower than in the later missions. If you fail to block right in time, your enemies’ attack will go through unblocked. The “Power Block” is like Ayame’s and Rikimaru’s “Ninjutsu Block”.

Upper Straight Combo
Turn the left analogue stick 360 degrees and press square. Tesshu will thrust his enemy off cliffs, into pits or against walls with 2 powerful punches.