Human Foes

Samurai The most common enemy type on the earlier levels is the Samurai. He can be armed with one of three weapons with his clothing colour dictating his weapon; blue with a sword, green has a spear and purple the bow.

Swordsman Health: 35
Spearman Health: 35
Bowman Health: 30

Gohda’s Guards
Gohda's Guards Gohda’s guards appear on Rikimaru’s Execute Hamda & Return To Lord Gohda and Tesshu’s Teach Rikimaru A Lesson although you only kill them on the latter mission. Similar to Samurai but with slightly more health.

Swordsman Health: 45
Spearman Health: 45
Bowman Health: 40

Ronin Ronin are more skilled Sword Samurai with a higher health. Although mainly found on Cross The Ronin Village a few Ronin have been bought to guard the Echigoya estate.

Ronin Health: 60

Ninja More aggressive than the standard Samurai, ninja are clothed all in black. They are a common opponent in the earlier levels. They are equipped either with a sword or ninja claws.

Sword Ninja Health: 45
Claw Ninja Health: 50

Kunoichi These female ninja are armed with twin blades, very much like Ayame. They are fast opponents and found on many levels. The Red Kunoichi’s health is much lower than the ones dressed in black.

Red Kunoichi Health: 40
Black Kunoichi Health: 90

Monks The Kenpo Bouzu monks (or Basket Heads) guard the Buddha Temple. The ones wearing the baskets are equipped with Poison dart pipe or staffs, whereas the others fight bare fisted with a wide range of martial art skills.

Basket Pipe Health: 60
Basket Staff Health: 65
Kenpo Bouzu Health: 80

Martial Artists
Martial Artists Martial artists appear on Assassinate The Evil Tenrai levels for both Rikimaru and Ayame. They have a high health and are formidable opponents capable of unleashing energy balls. Be sure to stealth kill them!

Martial Artist Health: 90